What Is A Baby Boomer?

A baby boomer is a term used to describe the generation of people born between 1946 and 1964. The difference in years has been established by most researchers and demographers, although some people claim that it should go from the early 1940s to the early 1960s. The number of children born “resounded” after the Second World War and continued to rise until the mid-1960s when it gradually began to decline. Baby boomers represent a large percentage of the world’s population, especially in developed countries. In America, baby boomers occupy about 20% of the total population. The number of children born in the United States during the baby boom is estimated at 7.4 million. The baby boomers arrive after the “Silent Generation” of children born between 1920 and 1940.

Why was the birth rate so high during the “baby boom” years?

The large population of baby boomers in the developed country is attributed to many factors. The commonly recognized reason is the need for WWII soldiers to return home to build families and continue to build the families they left before going to war. The tendency of people to marry and raise a family at a young age has also contributed to the high population of baby boomers.

Some researchers have argued that the baby boom was a tactic that the Americans applied to fight communism during the Cold War. The birth rate was high with the goal of outnumbering the communists. Many people have also opted to have children after the post-war peace conferences unlike before, probably because they were confident enough that the future that awaits their children was safe and peaceful. The economy was also promising and therefore most parents could easily support their families.

The impact of baby boomers

One of the most important effects of the baby boom was the emergence and rapid growth of the suburbs. Most families have chosen to move from the cities and settle in the suburbs, in an attempt to escape the harsh city conditions and enjoy the friendly atmosphere of the suburbs. At the time baby boomers were born, women were encouraged to live their lives as housewives, cook and babysit their children. A career woman was not an ideal thing during the Baby Boom years.

The baby boomers are respected for their position in the economy, despite the majority of them being of retirement age. Most baby boomers are known to be rich and at some point have retained 80% of wealth in the UK. Their position in the economy is attributed to their laborious and competitive traits. They are competitive and hard-working probably due to the rigid competitions they experienced during their birth years. The children were so many and therefore had to compete for everything in general.Contrary to many people’s thoughts, baby boomers are also the main Internet users, with an estimated 78% of baby boomers who often use the Internet. Almost half of the boomers joined the social networks.

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