What Happens to Outriders After Launch

Broken servers, problems finding partners and loss of equipment

Outriders has been a hit in recent weeks. Simultaneous online on Steam has surpassed 125 thousand users – a record for games of the Japanese publisher Square Enix on the site (no project has reached such indicators, including Marvel’s Avengers). A week after its release, Outriders hit the top-selling game on Steam, displacing the indie survival game Valheim, which had held the top spot for several weeks. However, the authors were not ready for such a success. Even a week after its release, the shooter still has some serious problems. Let’s talk about the main ones.

Unstable servers

Downtime servers for Square Enix online games are not uncommon in the early days after release. On the day of the launch of Marvel’s Avengers, not all users could break into the superhero universe. With Outriders, however, the scale was different. The game attracted much more gamers thanks to the free demo version – we wrote our impressions of it in a separate article . In the first three days, the servers could not cope with the influx of users: they often watched the account authentication window for hours.

The most offensive crashes to the authentication screen were received by users who fought with bosses

Social media and Steam forums were literally torn apart by angry messages to the studio People Can Fly and Square Enix publishers. Someone wrote that they took time off from work for the sake of passing, others said that they had persuaded friends to purchase Outriders for the co-op, others openly hinted to developers about in-game bonuses for inconveniences, and some simply issued a refund. Users wondered: why does a shooter, the storyline of which can be completed independently, need to be linked to online?

The developers did not play in silence and via Twitter every hour they reported the situation and answered users’ questions. Later, they introduced a separate site where you can monitor the status of servers, and separate topics on Reddit and Steam, which collected information about all the known issues in the game.

What one of the most common errors with downed servers looks like

Finding partners

A week later, Outriders couldn’t fix the search for random co-op users. For a game that is positioned as a cooperative shooter, this is a serious problem. The search can take a long time, and it is highly likely that the system will not pick up anyone like that. Crossplay doesn’t help either. The developers themselves admitted that their system is not working as intended. The situation is temporarily saved by Discord channels and topics on social networks, where you can find partners for the game.

However, direct connection to friends does not work perfectly either: users complain of constant lags and out of sync with the server when playing a team game. Because of this, the characters are periodically thrown back or forward.

Missing equipment

Another problem appeared just the other day: players faced the complete disappearance of equipment and equipment. The disappearance occurs in approximately the same scenario: the participants find partners for special expeditions (content that opens after completing the story campaign), after which they suddenly lose all the loot. In some cases, users are left without items after entering a particular location. Reloading to the map through the lobby helps here.

All equipment of some players began to disappear unexpectedly


If on the PlayStation and Xbox consoles there are no special complaints about performance (I’ll say from my own experience – on PS5 the game runs fast, and the locations are loaded in seconds), then on the PC the situation is much more complicated. Steam users complain that even on relatively powerful computers they encounter microfreezes, FPS drops even in enclosed spaces, loading locations and crashes due to internal errors. Users of the PC version also have complaints about the behavior of the AI: sometimes the triggers do not work for opponents or NPCs. For example, the character refuses to go forward and rests against a wall, while the enemies are behind cover and do not shoot.

Separate questions remain for checkpoints: if the game crashes, and the user was on the last segment of a long quest, there is a high probability that the task will have to be repeated after reconnecting.

Players are also unhappy with the loading between levels, when they have to watch two imperceptible cutscenes, the behavior of the camera during the cutscenes (it constantly shakes), corridor locations, a sterile world in which, apart from shooting opponents and collecting notes that reveal the universe, there is practically nothing to do. However, despite a bunch of bugs, Outriders looks like an attractive game. Especially during a lull. The shooter has an interesting plot, gameplay and high difficulty, which attracts hardcore gamers. Here you can create a unique build, knock out legendary weapons with huge damage, replay the game again with a hero of a different class. And it will be a pity if all this drowns in a stream of negativity.


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