What happens if the router gets very hot

To have a good Internet speed and that the connection is stable, the router is a fundamental piece. If this device has some kind of problem, we could see it reflected when surfing the net, downloading or uploading files to the cloud. What happens if it gets too hot ? We are going to talk about this in this article. We will also give tips to prevent this from happening and keep it in perfect condition to make the most of the resources.

What happens if the router gets very hot

First of all, it must be said that it is not strange for the router to get hot . It is something that happens to almost any device that has a CPU and needs to constantly handle requests. For example, we can see it on a computer or mobile as soon as we force it a little.

However, it is something that we must control . The fact that the router gets hot is not dangerous. It is not going to explode, nor is it going to burn. But it could affect the operation, of course. The most common thing is that in case the router is at a very high temperature and causes problems, it is mainly micro cuts. Suddenly we lose the connection, either momentary or even permanent until we turn off the device.

This was much more common with older ADSL routers . Technology has improved and today fiber routers do not usually have these types of problems, although they are not exempt. Everything will depend on the model, the care we take with the device and also the use we give it.

Why does the router get hot? The normal thing is that this happens by the own operation . Keep in mind that you are constantly receiving and sending information, both via Wi-Fi and cable. The more we use it, for example if we have many devices connected to Wi-Fi and consuming resources, the more it can heat up.

But it can also get hotter depending on how careful we are . This is important to take into account to extend the useful life of the appliance and avoid problems with operation. Especially in the summer months, when the temperature is higher, it is more frequent for this that we mentioned to happen.

How to prevent the router from heating up

If you notice that the router is getting too hot or if you directly see that there are problems with the connection and continuous cuts, you should find the reason and solve it as soon as possible. We are going to show some essential tips to prevent it from getting hot and to be able to refrigerate it. Almost always it will be due to some error when placing the device.

Place it away from other appliances

One of the most important recommendations is to place it away from other electrical equipment . For example, it is not advisable to put it next to a video player, television or even a computer. All these devices emit heat and can affect operation and even damage it.

Therefore, the ideal is to put it in a remote place, where it is alone. Any source of heat is going to be detrimental. Even a strip full of plugs could give off heat and affect nearby appliances.

Avoid direct sunlight

It is also important to place it out of direct sunlight . For example, we should never put it next to a window where direct light can pass through, even if it is only a few hours a day. This can affect the circuits and cause excessive heating. It is the same that would happen to any other device, such as a mobile phone, when we use it directly in full sunlight.

It is best to put it on a piece of furniture, in an elevated position so that it can better emit the Wi-Fi signal, where it is all day in “shade”, without direct sunlight.

Never put things on top

Another highlight is to be careful with the router’s vents . If they are covered, it could cause overheating, since it does not cool properly. This generally happens when we put things on top of the device. For example if we put some other device or even any book.

The interesting thing is that none of the vents it has are covered. Many routers have on all four sides and not only on the top, so we must also verify that there is nothing that prevents the heat from coming out on any of its sides. The latter occurs if, for example, we put it on a piece of furniture supported without any separation.

Keep the appliance clean

Do not forget to have a preventive maintenance of the router. Basically it is the same as with any other device, such as a computer for example. What do we mean? It is important not to accumulate dust that ends up entering the device, place it on a clean and dry surface or prevent the wiring, especially the connectors, from accumulating dirt.

All of this can have a significant impact on the operation of the router. It could help to make it overheat and stop working as we would like. Therefore, it is also essential to check the cleaning periodically.

Use a fan base if necessary

If after following these steps you still see that the router becomes too hot, you think this affects operation or you are simply calmer if touching it is not so hot, you can always use a fan base . It is the same as the ones we can put in laptops.

Many routers have USB ports to which we can connect other devices. In this case, what we would connect is a fan base and we would put the device on top. This will help to keep it always cool and prevent it from overheating when we do heavy use.

In short, the fact that a router overheats is not strange. It is not necessarily dangerous, although it could cause a malfunction and we must prevent this from happening. We have explained some interesting tips that we can put into practice to reduce the risk of problems.


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