What happens if my cell phone speaker gets wet?

The evolution of mobile devices is constant at an exponential level, so although cell phones can be manufactured with features that make them resistant to water , today it is even possible to transform a mobile phone into an aquatic one , to use it underwater.

What happens if my cell phone speaker gets wet?

What happens if my cell phone speaker gets wet?

However, in any of these cases, accidents involving a mobile device and water tend to occur, and in which the loudspeaker of said cell phones end up being affected . Arriving, at times, to need repairs due to the speakers getting wet.

For this reason, we will show you the potential solutions that you can use so that you can fix or repair the wet speaker of your cell phone in the fastest and easiest way.

What happens if my cell phone speaker gets wet?

Most of the time that a user is using the mobile device near a water source accidents occur in which the phone ends up totally or partially wet. So it is frequent that cases occur in which the speakers or horns of cell phones are affected, that is, they get wet.

Therefore, although it is currently possible to have devices that are waterproof, that is, phones that resist moisture and water, not all have this advantage. So if my cell phone got wet, what happens to the cell phone speaker? The answer is usually simple, the speaker is compromised and stops working properly, that is, it only partially emits sound.

In this way, to know if the device’s speaker has been affected by having come into contact with water, the best option is to test the audio emission by playing some audio format. So then, you can check if the speaker is still working properly or not, after getting wet.

How to fix repair the wet speaker of my cell phone?/What happens if my cell phone speaker gets wet?

How to fix repair the wet speaker of my cell phone?/What happens if my cell phone speaker gets w

In case you have identified that the speaker of your cell phone was affected after it came into contact with water, there are several options to which you can try to solve the problem generated in the mobile device speaker by water.

One of the most efficient options is to immediately dry the outside of the speaker phone with a swab or small cotton swab. In such a way that most of the moisture is removed and without disassembling the mobile device.

Also, as a complement to this option, you can expose the mobile device’s speaker slot to a stream of air coming from a dryer. These are recommended options especially for those users who believe that if they disassemble their device, it will lose water resistance , but that even though the device is waterproof, the speaker has been compromised by contact with moisture.

Finally, to complement these solutions, we recommend that you play a sound format on your cell phone with its maximum volume , until you identify that the sound emitted by the device’s speaker is adequate.

Alternatives to fix my cell phone’s wet speaker

If for some unfortunate reason none of the potential solutions mentioned above to fix a wet cell phone speaker has worked for you, don’t panic. Well, there are still other alternatives to which to try to fix the horns or the wet speaker of a cell phone.

One of these alternative options, strange as it may seem, is to go to an application for this purpose from your corresponding mobile application store. One of the best options is the Eject Water – Repair Speaker application, which emits a sound frequency that allows the device to expel the moisture present in the speaker while playing this strange sound.

On the other hand, in case you have not managed to fix or repair the wet speaker of your cell phone, you can replace them with waterproof Bluetooth speakers . So you would not have the same problem again because your device comes into contact with water.

Finally, one of the best options in case you have not been able to repair the water-damaged speaker on your cell phone on your own, is to go to technical service . There you will know whether or not there is a way to repair the speaker.

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