What Google Pay is and how it works

The Google Pay  is a tool that lets you use the phone to make payments in physical stores or on the web itself. The company offers a fast, easy and secure user experience by providing support to major banks.

It is important to note that the application is only available for Android devices ,  and that the phone must be compatible with NFC technology , which allows payment by approximation.

Here are the instructions for installing and using the application:

  1. Install the application and register your card

Right after installing the application, the tool will identify cards that are linked to the Google account used on the device. On the next screen, the user can continue the configuration or register a new card;

After the first launch of the application, you can be directed to the specific application on your credit card. In this case, the user must authorize Google Pay as the default payment application.

  1. Adding a second card

To add a new card, the procedure is simple and quick. Just open the application and click on the “Payment” option located at the bottom of the screen. After clicking the button, the application will show you which cards are linked to your account.

To add a new one just follow the steps of filling in the data for the new card by clicking on “+ Payment method”;


  1. Removing a card from the application

The process for deleting a registered card is simple. Open the app, go to the desired card in the “Payments” tab, and then select the three-point menu located in the upper right corner to reveal the option to remove the card.



  1. How to make a payment with the app

The first step in making payment through the app is to inquire with the desired establishment if the mobile payment is accepted. Having confirmation, just bring the smartphone to the card machine of the establishment to carry out the transaction. Remember that it is not necessary to open the application during the process.

After the approach, a notification appears on the device informing the payment location along with the amount. For more details, just open the app and consult the activity history in the left side menu.

  1. General settings

In the settings menu, it is possible to activate some extra functions that are disabled by default. With them, the user can accept the receipt of offers, purchase notifications and other extra settings linked to the email registered to the smartphone.


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