What gives more experience in Minecraft? How to get experience faster?

Gaining a great deal of Minecraft experience can help you unlock certain aspects of the game , plus it can be used for other equally useful things within the app.

But this topic is something that many get out of hand, that is, not everyone knows how to get these points during the game, although, if you are interested in knowing, keep reading.

In case you don’t know there are also ways to remove or gain experience as needed, this can be done thanks to a special command. If you don’t know how to work with commands, we recommend opening and activating a command console.

What gives more experience in Minecraft? How to Get Experience Faster

What is the Minecraft experience and how does it work?

The experience of the game, unlike the other objects, is not usually stored in your inventory, and it comes in the form of glowing orbs that are drawn to you.

These are stored in a level bar above the quick-use boxes, and the more you collect, the higher the level you get. But what can this be useful for? These points may seem unnecessary and insignificant at first, but the truth is that no, they can be very useful.

As the game progresses, you will start to need them to perform certain tasks, such as using the enchantment table or the anvil. Reaching a high level of experience you can perform enchantments of level 1000.

Each of these tools provide certain benefits that you will come to appreciate once you have to build them, and you will begin to realize how useful the Minecraft experience is. For example, the enchantment table allows you to add effects to weapons or instruments, which can greatly facilitate various tasks in the game.

Instead, with the anvil you can perform other equally important functions, such as renaming objects, repairing them, and even putting them together to enhance them.

How can I get experience faster? What are the most beneficial alternatives?

There are many ways to upload Minecraft experience quickly and easily , although everything will depend on how familiar you are with the game, although you will also be able to see several of them segmented by stages below.

Raising animals or mining

If you don’t have much time playing Minecraft, the easiest way to get experience, without entering the jaws of danger , is by raising animals.

When you achieve this, you will see how the experience orbs float to you, although there will not be many, it will be enough considering that you still need to go a long way, before you can explore other options.

Also, when mining, it is also possible to gain some experience, specifically when you collect coal , the only low-level box that will give you orbs when you collect it.

Melting minerals in the furnace

Another way to get a little more experience in Minecraft is by melting some minerals, which when finished cooking will give you a level once you collect them. Building an oven is simple , you just have to have some stone squares and a work table, which you can create with blocks of pure wood.

This way you will have enough crafting space to design your own kitchen and melt different minerals in it, although remember, you will need charcoal to make it work.

Travel to the Nether and collect quartz

The Nether is also known as the underworld in the game , and after some time playing, you will surely have figured out how to get there.

Within this environment there are different new materials, as well as terrifying and threatening creatures, but, it is a place with a lot of possibilities to get a great amount of experience.

In this case, what you should do is get the quartz that is formed in the Nether and that there are in piles, and when you collect them, they will give you many orbs.

Kill Zombie Pigmen

The pig-zombie man is one of the many creatures found in the Minecraft underworld , and of them, there are many. By eliminating them, you can get a good experience feat , although you must bear in mind that they are not just any zombies, these are usually a little more versatile, accompanied by a few terrifying screeches.


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