What does [WMG] mean in YouTube videos?

YouTube has always been careful to use content created by other people. One of the things that they have been taking care of for a long time is the record labels of songs that belong to famous singers of the past and also today. Thanks to the fact that this platform has a contract with several record labels, it never had legal problems.

Certain users within YouTube have come across an ad that has the abbreviation ‘WMG’ in some of their uploaded videos. If you want to know the meaning of this abbreviation, you just have to keep reading this summary, since then we will show you what the work of record labels is , which are the most famous record labels and other things.

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  1. What are the record labels that have YouTube songs?
  2. What does it mean that when uploading a video to YouTube you get the error ‘This video is no longer available …’?
  3. What other record labels stand out among YouTube hits?
    1. Sony Music Entertainment
    2. Universal Music Group

What are the record labels that have YouTube songs?

Every record label, no matter which one, fulfills the task of protecting artists’ songs. If they are used it has to be by a person who is licensed to do so. This way, other people won’t be able to use an artist’s song for their own benefit unless they have a license.

Record licenses or permits are something that must be purchased from the artist’s label. There are several licenses, there are licenses for singles or single songs, licenses for an artist album and licenses to use the complete discography of the artist. The price of them is very varied, but once you have one of these you can do whatever you want with the song.

It should be noted that to see all the options of your YouTube channel better, you can activate the dark mode that the platform incorporates after its new reform. Also, to use all the features of YouTube , you must download the latest version of the App .

What does it mean that when uploading a video to YouTube you get the error ‘This video is no longer available …’?

If when trying to upload a video to your YouTube channel you come across the message ‘This video is no longer available’, that means that your video has some part of someone else’s work. Once a video of your property is fully uploaded to the platform, YouTube analyzes it to see if it does not have music from another person or if it has part of a video from another person.

You need to be aware that some record labels not only protect the rights of an artist’s songs , but also protect the videos that those artists have made. So if the message that was previously discussed appears in a video that you already uploaded or in one that you are uploading, you have to delete it as soon as possible.

Why do we say that you have to erase it when before? Well, because if you turn a blind eye and don’t delete the video or still upload it, YouTube’s regulators can delete your channel . To be a little more oriented when it comes to copyright, go to the YouTube website and look up the copyright terms .

Within these laws you will see what can be done with the songs of other artists and what cannot. Almost all of the artists’ music is owned by a private record label. That’s why it’s not worth the effort to search for songs by famous artists free from record labels. If you want to add music to a YouTube video, choose one of the ones that the platform makes available to you.

What other record labels stand out among YouTube hits?

There are some record labels that turn out to be more famous or stronger than others. And it is important that you know which ones are the same so as not to use the songs of the artists who work with these labels. Two labels stand out on YouTube and below you will see what these are:

Sony Music Entertainment

Sony’s record label is one of the most troublesome on YouTube because it is one of the largest record labels in the world. Also, certain famous artists work directly with Sony’s labels , but some of the larger labels also work with Sony.

An artist may not have a direct contract with Sony’s record label, but if their label has a Sony contract, this company will protect all of the singer’s rights. The most peculiar thing about Sony Music Entertainment is that it not only protects the rights of the songs of its artists, but also protects the videos of such songs.

Some of the biggest artists to which Sony Music Entertainment has rights and contracts with them are: Noriel (An urban music singer), Farruko (An urban music singer) and Michael Jackson (A pop music singer). These artists work or worked directly with Sony and Sony Music Entertainment directly earns the income from their music.

Some other artists who work with Sony Music Entertainment indirectly because they signed with a label are: Manuel Turizo (Signed with the IND industry) and Nicky Jam (Signed with the IND industry). If you have music by any of these artists in your videos, you should delete them immediately.

Universal Music Group

The Universal Musical Group is another of the great record labels of the music industry, since in the past it signed great singers such as: Juan Gabriel and Kalimba, but compared to Sony Music Entertainment it is not so recognized. In the Universal Music Group or better known by its abbreviation ‘UMG’ more recognized artists work, but the aforementioned are the most recognized.

In case you have a song by these artists in your videos, you have to delete that video in order to avoid bigger problems. It should be noted that when the YouTube App has problems, you just have to uninstall the app and reinstall it.

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