What does ‘This message was deleted’ mean in WhatsApp?

When you see a notice in WhatsApp chat that says “This message has been deleted” it means that the person who owns the message has deleted it for all users. The recipient of the message can delete it only for himself. This means that the receiver cannot delete a message from the holder and prevent other people from reading it.

If it is a private chat, it does not matter that you delete the messages you receive from the conversation, since these changes will only be seen by the same person who executes them. But it does affect those that are sent, since the option to “Delete for all” is available for outgoing messages.

You must be quick when deleting a message, since this is the only method of deleting a WhatsApp message before being read , since if the person observes the message, it will be useless to delete it. There is a trick in which we can keep a message in view .

It is about quoting the message and making a reply comment , in this way the original message is deleted, in the same way it will be in view of all, Of course the notice of ” This message was deleted ” will appear in the same way , but in a response sale the same is displayed.

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  1. What steps do you have to follow to delete a message sent in your chat?
  2. Is there a way to reveal the content of deleted messages?
    1. Is citing the messages useful?
  3. How advisable is it to use apps to find out what the deleted messages say?
    1. Notification Story app
    2. WhatsApp Plus

What steps do you have to follow to delete a message sent in your chat?

Deleting a WhatsApp message is very simple and will only take a few seconds of your time. To eliminate it, you just have to follow the following steps:

  • Enter WhatsApp from your mobile device or PC.
  • You must locate the Chat where the message you want to delete is located.
  • When you already have the message, you must keep it pressed, until the icon bar appears at the top.
  • Then select the trash can icon, a pop-up window will appear on the screen, “Delete Message” and two options, select “Delete For Me” or “Delete for everyone” and that’s it.

It is important to know that you have 1 hour in which you must delete a message for everyone , otherwise this option is disabled, and you can only delete the message to be sent in your chat.

Is there a way to reveal the content of deleted messages?

WhatsApp does not have a specific method to reveal the content of a message that has been deleted, but there is always a way to find out what this message could say, you can use external elements or if you prefer, quote the sent messages.

Is citing the messages useful?

WhatsApp allows its users to quote the messages sent, this is very useful since if the person who wrote you deletes the message, once you have quoted it, it will remain in your conversation , it should be noted that the message sent will be deleted more not the quoted one.

Quoting a WhatsApp message is very simple, for this you must:

  • Enter WhatsApp.
  • Then you must locate yourself in the chat where you want to quote the message.
  • Once you have the desired message, you just have to hold it down for a few seconds.
  • In the icon bar that will appear at the top of the screen you must select the one with the back arrow.
  • In this way you can reply to that specific message or also quote the message, so if the message is deleted you will have a copy of it.

How advisable is it to use apps to find out what the deleted messages say?

There are always alternative methods to know what the messages that have been deleted in WhatsApp say, but you should know that these tools are external to the application, that is why to be able to use them you must download them from the new version of the Play Store

Notification Story app

The Notification Story App is a platform designed with the intention of recording all messages received in applications such as WhatsApp or Telegram.

This tool can be downloaded to your device from the Play Store and it is necessary that you grant it all the necessary permissions, so that in this way it can store the messages received and thus users can consult it whenever they want.

WhatsApp Plus

WhatsApp Plus is a third-party application, which tries to imitate the official version of WhatsApp, it is characterized by having a maximum level of customization within its interface, since those users who have it can access a group of tools to be able to customize each chat separately.

One of the most outstanding features of WhatsApp Plus is that it allows you to see the deleted messages, that is, if a user deletes a message shortly after sending it, it will be deleted from the sending phone but not from the receiving phone’s chat.

An interesting fact is that this will only be known to the person who has WhatsApp Plus, if the other person has the official version, they will not find out that you still keep the deleted message, if you have any error related to the messages, you can consult the technical service WhatsApp and from there clarify all your doubts.

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