What does the vanishing curse do in Minecraft and how can we avoid it?

Each update of Minecraft includes new features, the curse of disappearance is one of the last known and it is quite interesting. The uses of this curse are basically a personal decision, but it could be said that it is more useful in one game mode or another, know a little more about it .

What does the Vanishing Curse do in Minecraft and how can we avoid it?

What is the disappearance curse and what does it do?

For many players this curse has become a very useful tool, especially when they are in multiplayer mode. This curse consists of making your objects disappear when you die, in such a way that no one else can use them, it is a kind of trap.

Many times, when fighting in multiplayer, it is difficult to get other players not to loot what was in our inventory. But, with this curse, it is really simple, you only need to activate it with a block of enchantments and you can play confident that your inventory will not belong to someone else.

You must bear in mind that this enchantment not only applies to other players, but also makes things disappear for yourself. In other words, even when you return to the place where your character’s death occurred , your inventory will be gone, it will have vanished, and it cannot be recovered.

How to do the vanishing curse?

Like any curse or enchantment, to activate it, you must have a table of enchantments, where you can combine the necessary elements. The enchantment process is simple, you just need to access the table , place the object to enchant and determine the enchantment.

If you are not near one of these tables, you can craft it if you have the necessary elements, you will need 7 elements to obtain it. It is necessary that you get 4 obsidian blocks, two diamonds and a book which you must place in a specific way to get the table to be created correctly.

Dividing the crafting table into three vertical lines, the order of your items should be, diamond, obsidian in the first. For the second line, book above and obsidian in the center and below and in the third, the first is repeated.

In case you want to improve your enchantments, it will be necessary to increase your XP level and place bookstores around the enchantment table .

Can I avoid the curse of disappearance?

In a way, the only way to avoid this curse is that other users do not use it, keep in mind that in some cases, the curse does not remove the object. That is, you can be unlucky enough to get a great object with this curse and the big problem is that using it will destroy it.

Currently there is no way to undo this curse, remember that Minecraft curses are explicitly just that, curses. Many users prefer to save the items , until they see, if in a new update, a way to get rid of this terrible curse appears.

Consider that this is not the only curse that exists, it is best to check any object before using it, so you take care of your back to avoid taking risks.

Is it good to use the curse of disappearance?

Although it is a curse that can affect us, in a way it is recommended to use it . If we have high-level items, such as swords or armor, it is preferable. Remember that the use of this curse is evident in multiplayer modes, using it can give you some advantage, preventing your opponents from getting stronger.

Use it carefully, remember that even if you collect your items yourself, you will not be able to remove or modify the curse. Play carefully and use this curse at your convenience.

Minecraft has multiple enchantments, spells that will make your game experience easier and more fun, since many of them are responsible for facilitating the tasks or actions that you must perform. Among the player’s favorites are the conductivity enchantment and the impalement spell.

Just as you can use the enchantments in your eating tools, you can also remove them without any problem .


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