What does the CORSAIR warranty policy say?

No matter how good a hardware manufacturer, none are exempt from device failures or problems , and CORSAIR is no exception. For this reason, in this article we are going to tell you what you should do to manage the warranty of your CORSAIR device in the event that it is giving you problems or has broken down, so that you can manage an RMA and that the manufacturer can do it. charge for the repair or send you a replacement.

That any hardware or peripheral component of the PC breaks down can be quite frustrating, and that is why it is quite important that the manufacturer in question has a good after-sales service to help you if this happens. Remember that, in Spain, all devices must be endowed with at least two years of warranty, but the manufacturer may require you to provide the purchase invoice in order to verify, among other things, that the product is within this Warranty period.

What does the CORSAIR warranty policy say?

Due to the aforementioned, it is important that you know the company’s warranty policy, so that you know in advance whether or not you have the right to request a repair or replacement of the product that has been damaged. Not all manufacturers react the same to all problems, since by default the warranty will only cover manufacturing defects of the product and not due to poor handling on your part or natural wear and tear, for example.

So let’s see what CORSAIR’s warranty policy says, as well as the usual warranty period for its products.

  • The CORSAIR product warranty is non-transferable, which means that they will only handle warranty claims for products that have the invoice in your name.
  • CORSAIR warrants its products to be free from factory faults, but does not cover defects due to user misuse, shock, or wear and tear from the use of the products.
  • They specify, in the case of Hydro liquid-cooled heatsinks , that hasty or poorly-made mounting that causes problems will not be covered by the warranty.
  • The warranty period offered by the brand depends on the type of product:
    • RAM memory: the warranty is for life.
    • Flash Devices : Survivor, ReadOut and TurboFlash USB drives have a 10 year warranty. Voyager and Survivor drives have a 5-year warranty, and solid-state drives (SSDs) from the Neutron, Force MP300, MP510, and MP600 families have a 5-year warranty; all other SSDs have a 3-year limited warranty.
    • Power supplies : depending on the family, they have between 3 and 10 years of guarantee. AX, AXi, RMi and HXi units have a 10 year warranty.
    • Cooling products: Hydro Series products have a 5-year warranty, as well as ML fans. The Air series has a 2-year warranty.
    • The PC cases all have a 2-year warranty.
    • The audio products , whether headphones or speakers, have 2 year warranty.
    • Mice , keyboards , mouse pads , gaming chairs and the products of its Elgato sub-brand all have 2 years of coverage.
  • In addition, CORSAIR indicates that if the product does not perform as its specifications say, the product will be replaced entirely at the expense of the brand, but they also say that they can provide new or reconditioned products depending on availability. This means that they could send you a refurbished product and not a new one to replace your broken device.
  • Any replacement product will inherit the remaining warranty on the damaged product. This means that, for example, if you send a mouse under warranty that had 12 months of use, the mouse they send you in exchange will have the remaining 12 months of warranty.

How to make a warranty claim

CORSAIR recommends that, before opening a warranty claim, you contact their technical support team by opening a support ticket, and in fact it is the most recommended because in this way a member of the brand team will verify with you that, Indeed, the product is wrong and it will help you process the RMA of it. Otherwise, you may send a product that they later consider was not defective and they could claim shipping costs and technician hours for verification.

To do this, enter the link that we have put in the previous paragraph, select the type of help you need in the lower drop-down menu (in this case it would be “Troubleshooting – Technical Support”) and you will see that a lot of sections are displayed for fill in your details in the lower area. Once you have filled in all the details, click on “Submit a ticket below”. Note that CORSAIR only provides support in English.

After this, a member of the CORSAIR support team will contact you via email to give you some guidelines to follow and thus verify that the device is indeed bad. Once verified, it will generate a new RMA case to manage the change of your product, although it could tell you to do it yourself. In this case, it is done in this same section but in the drop-down menu you would have to select “Warranty (RMA) – Replacing My Product” and fill in all the data again; It is recommended that you indicate the ticket number assigned to the case that you were managing with the support team so that they already have the preamble and do not throw the RMA back on you.

Once the RMA ticket is opened , the support team will send you instructions to send them the faulty device including an authorization number. You will have to pack the product properly in a neutral cardboard box, print and stick the label that the manufacturer will provide you. Then you will have to contact the transport company that they indicate (generally they use DHL) so that they can pick it up, all at no cost to you.

Once this is done, you will only have to wait. The moment CORSAIR receives the product, the following will happen:

  • Before accepting the package, they will verify that it is not damaged.
  • They will carry out a visual inspection to verify that the product you have sent is indeed the one related to the open RMA, and also that it is an original product and not a fake.
  • They will confirm the RMA number.
  • They will inspect the product and, after verifying that it is indeed damaged, they will proceed to send a new one.

Generally this process takes 1 to 2 business days to process the replacement, plus another 3-5 days for the replacement to be shipped to you; To this we must add the time it takes for your package to reach them and the time it takes for the one they send you to reach you, so we could be talking about a process that lasts from 10 to 15 days  from when you make the shipment until you receive the replacement.

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