What does Real Time Marketing mean?

Real Time Marketing has many benefits for a brand or company when done right. Consumers are constantly connected through various devices for most of their time; this offers brands many opportunities to connect with them and create a dialogue through creative and well thought out content. 

We’ve all seen Oreo’s tweets for the 2013 Super Bowl. Within minutes of the stadium plunged into darkness due to a power outage, Oreo capitalized on tweeting a message and accompanying image that was retweeted over 10,000 times in less than an hour. Their quick actions boosted their marketing reputation, gaining coverage in traditional and online media.

There have been many other real-time social media success stories, but outside of social media, real-time marketing is still largely undefined.What does it actually mean for today’s sellers and how can it help?

What does “Real Time Marketing” mean?

Real Time Marketing is the ability to interact with your customers or fans instantly, based on real-time information, such as their actions and behaviors, changes to your personal data or external news or events.

Real-time marketing is instant

According to the report of a poll on real-time marketing conducted by Econsultancy, there is a narrow window to capitalize on the behavior in real time.80% of companies believe real-time marketing happens within two minutes or less.

THEReal-time marketing is (mostly) automated

In many cases, humans are simply too slow to react quickly on a large scale.Marketers need to use marketing tools that help them react with minimal delay.

Real-time marketing is targeted

It is no longer enough to treat customers as a homogeneous mass with the same interests or motives.Real-time marketing – actually, marketing in general – needs to be relevant and timely to each and every customer.

Why is real-time marketing so important now?

Real-time marketing could be the answer to one of today’s biggest problems: how do companies reach and engage the always-connected consumer?In fact, instant marketing must not only break the silence, it must connect with the right person at the right time, in the right place, with the right message.

Real-time marketing allows marketers to tailor their messages to a specific context, and the benefits go far beyond just improving brand perception.Indeed, there are very real, measurable and positive impacts on revenue and other key metrics.

Econsultancy found that 84% of businesses see a better customer experience as the primary benefit of real-time marketing.In turn, better customer experiences lead to increased sales (a key Real Time Marketing benefit for 72% of businesses) and loyalty (a key Real Time Marketing benefit for 47% of businesses).

Real-time marketing also offers a broader opportunity to reconsider customer interactions, so that you are more personal and more relevant, and that you can engage customers with highly targeted, relevant, and timely messages.

How can marketers use real-time marketing successfully?

Econsultancy’s survey found that while the majority (71%) of businesses employ some element of real-time marketing in their digital and social marketing, 29% of marketers have yet to investigate how Real Time Marketing works.

To be successful, marketers need to focus on five aspects: the “trigger”, the audience, the method and the result:

  • Triggers: What data, information, or events present opportunities for real-time messages?
    • Examples: social media trends; weather forecast; product stock updates
  • Audience: Which groups of customers, fans or followers can be involved in certain messages?
    • Examples: customers who are waiting for a product to return to stock; customers in specific locations or regions; customers who are looking for a specific keyword
  • Method: what is the best way to communicate the message?
    • Examples: social media, email, SMS, web, PPC
  • Result: What result do you want the message to have?
    • Examples: build brand awareness, generate revenue, generate engagement
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