What does ‘MLG’ mean on WhatsApp?

Communication is considered the most important instrument worldwide, where applications have been responsible for offering us different options to be able to communicate with other users. In fact, these are very useful because they help us to communicate any type of message, to express your tastes and to advertise your business . Essentially, in order to achieve better communication with other people, it is necessary to use abbreviations , which are short words that allow us to express emotions or actions quickly.

In social networks, new abbreviations are being created every time where some we can know them, but others we do not know their meaning. For this reason, it is necessary to ask what does MLG mean in WhatsApp? We will briefly inform you about this abbreviation.

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  1. What are the situations in which the expression MLG is used?
  2. What does MLG mean when they post it on social media?
  3. List of other abbreviations that can be used in networks and what they mean
    1. ASAP: As soon as possible?
    2. BTW By the way!
    3. CC: how when

What are the situations in which the expression MLG is used?

Abbreviations have become one of the most used options when chatting with friends. In the same way, different types of abbreviations have been created for each type of topic you want to take up. Mainly, these are created in English, but they serve and are translated for any language, where you can find abbreviations purely in Spanish such as NTP .

On the other hand, an abbreviation widely used in WhatsApp is MLG which means Major League Gaming in English , which in Spanish would be Major League of Gamers. This has to do with all those games or strategies and multiplayer, which are common between different players.

This is used in WhatsApp groups where they talk about games and games where we can use MLG to refer to pages where different plays are broadcast. It is also used in other applications such as Discord , since this application has large player servers that use this abbreviation to refer to game pages or leagues.

What does MLG mean when they post it on social media?

If you have been checking your social networks and in some publications you came to see different abbreviations such as #MLG and several people talking about it. It is because this abbreviation means the largest eSports league in the world, which has become a circuit of different events held in Orlando or other places.

It should be noted that this was founded in 2002 where MLG has made its revelations in different games known to many users. Certainly some of those are Call of Duty, StarCraft II, and League of Legend; where the most popular games are broadcast on MLG channels. For this reason, in the publications you will be able to appreciate the different links of the pages available to observe these games.

List of other abbreviations that can be used in networks and what they mean

Over the years, social networks have increasingly popularized new abbreviations. Therefore, it is common for there to be lists of these that you can use on any occasion, but it happens that some friends send us one and we do not know the meaning of it.

It should be mentioned that these abbreviations are created with the initials of the words, thanks to this it will be easier for us to identify them. If for any reason at the time of sending one of these abbreviations you made a mistake when writing it, it is possible to delete the message before being read by the other user . To prevent incidents from occurring when talking to other people, we present a list of different abbreviations that you can insert into the message.

ASAP: As soon as possible?

It can be mentioned in different ways such as ‘As soon as possible’ or many more phrases that have to do with time. Similarly, this is an expression used in any field, but it is mainly focused on work. Since, if you receive a notification that has the abbreviation of ASAP, it means that other people urgently need a reply from you, as quickly as possible. This happens because the other person has urgency about an issue that you need to communicate, so it is useful to use it in cases where you need the other person to respond quickly.

BTW By the way!

This abbreviation has been very famous on social networks, as it has been used in various publications. However, this is used when talking about a specific topic and you want to add information related to it. In English this means ‘Bytheway’ and in Spanish it translates as ‘By the way’.

CC: how when

On the other hand, this is used in several cases such as in a ‘Carbon Copy’ which allows sending the same mail to several people among themselves. Likewise, it is used on Twitter to distinguish the main user to whom the tweet is intended from the other people mentioned. Finally, it is used in any type of conversation to tell another How? When? That event happened.

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