What does M and K mean on TikTok

Have you ever noticed the letters next to the TikTok numbers? They can be seen in the number of reproductions, likes, comments, shares, or followers. But what do they mean? Here we tell you what it means when we see a letter M, K or even B after a number in the video application .

On TikTok, as well as on other social networks, the letters M and K are used to abbreviate numbers . In this way, the number of reproductions, likes , or followers can take up less space on the screen. For example, instead of 100,000 (one hundred thousand) followers, 100K is used.

The letter M is used to abbreviate the million. For example, 1M views means 1,000,000,000 (one million) views on the video.

The letter K is used in place of a thousand . For example, 10K likes is 10,000 (ten thousand) likes. But why a K and not another letter? Unlike the M, which stands for million, the letter K translates to a thousand for a different reason. This letter is commonly used in the word kilogram, a word that comes from the Greek. χίλιοι (“chilioi” and abbreviated “Kilo” in contemporary age) and means “thousand”, and γράμμα (“gramma”) means “gram”. Therefore, Kilo is currently known as a thousand. 10Kg (kilogram) is 10,000 grams, and 10K followers are 100,000 followers.


If someone mentions that they have 1K followers on TikTok, it means they have 1,000 followers on the platform . If you have 2K, it means you have 2,000 followers. So on. TikTok has followers with figures up to 10,000. From there, the letter K is included for short. So if someone has 10.1K, you mean they have approximately 10,100 followers. And I say roughly, because the figure could vary slightly.


Although very rare, you are also likely to see the letter B in video views on TikTok. This letter means trillion, that is, one billion, for example, reproductions . It is important to note that this is a very rare figure on TikTok, but some extremely viral video may be included.


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