What does it take to be an entrepreneur?

What does it take to be an entrepreneur?

Ability to compromise: Both with himself, as with others.

2. Vocation for work: Every day, almost all day until taking the initiatives ahead.

3. Constancy: Join perseverance and to faith. If the entrepreneur does not believe in himself himself and in his project, is intended to fail.

4. Push: It is the ability to remove the initiatives forward, the level of sacrifice and delivery and the desire to fulfill dreams.

5. Physical courage and great enthusiasm for all kinds of ideas: Passivity does not it is a characteristic of an entrepreneur, enthusiasm and continuous movement yes.

Regarding knowing:

1. Knowledge: Being an entrepreneur requires knowledge in the topics to be develop in projects or activities, whatever they are.

2. Culture: In a broad sense, knowing adapt to various situations and know behave under the circumstances.

Other not so obvious capabilities:

1. Capacity for association: An idea large, it is hardly developed by a person, the ability to associate (well) it is key to success.

2. Ability to command: Being the boss is not synonymous with power; be the guide or leader if it is.

3. Vision: Where other people see a

problem or a difficulty, a real entrepreneur sees an opportunity.

4. Generation of Ideas: It is necessary to have ideas, rethink and implement them constantly.

5. Ability to take risks: The one who

don’t risk … don’t win.

6. Ability to measure risk: Know exactly what is being played and which ones are the opportunities, weaknesses and strengths.

7. Capacity for self-criticism: Nobody is perfect, learn from mistakes and be Being aware of them is critical.

8. Independence: To make decisions and give mandates: It is the idea of ​​undertaking, achieve your own goals.

Other features:

– Ability to understand procedures legal, credit and financial present

– Ability to innovate and respond to adversity.

– Many times the entrepreneur must be sociable, charming and must have convening capacity.

The important thing is to value your work, and assert yourself as a person, be intellectual and human.

Very important: Intelligence and ability to analysis….

One of the great advantages of new entrepreneurs is that they are dreamers and generally not contaminated with all the risks. They are more aggressive than their competitors by establishing a clear strategy and having defined objectives.

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