What does it mean on Instagram: user not found

You are probably wondering what it means on Instagram: user not found . The truth is that it is not strange that this error message appears, especially when the user navigates between several profiles. Does it mean that you have been blocked? Not necessarily.

There are various cases that can cause the message “User not found” to appear on Instagram.

  • The user no longer exists. Sometimes it happens that a person decides to leave the social network. By deleting your account, your profile ceases to exist and Instagram no longer displays your gallery content. In these cases, the error usually appears when you try to access the profile using a URL or direct link.
  • The user has changed their name. Instagram allows with relative simplicity to modify the username and, with it, the URL of the profile. If you have come across the message User not found, it is likely that you are trying to access the profile with the old name.
  • There are connection problems. In the event that you do not have good coverage or that the data transfer is very slow, it is possible that the application displays this error message.
  • The user has blocked you. Yes, one of the possibilities is that the other person has restricted your access to their content.

Before assuming that another user has blocked you, be sure to rule out the rest of the assumptions. But, if you suspect that the User not found error appears due to a crash, here are some tips to check if this is the case.


Following the guidelines that we show you in the following list, you can find out if another user has blocked you on Instagram:

  • Enter your profile through the browser. If it’s a public profile, use the URL to access it through your browser. It is preferable that you use an incognito tab so that Instagram does not know that it is you. If your profile loads correctly, it means that you have neither changed your username nor deleted your account. This also rules out possible connection problems.
  • Use someone else’s account to visit the profile. You only need another user to access the profile in which you suspect that you have been blocked. This method is valid for both public and private profiles.
  • Try to locate the user with the Instagram search. If you can’t make it appear, even using its name, it is very likely that you have been blocked.

When someone else blocks you, you cannot visit their profile or view any of their content in the Explore section . Your comments and likes towards that person who blocked you will disappear. Finally, it will no longer be possible for you to interact with your account in any way. The only solution to keep viewing your photos is to access your profile via the URL. This is only valid if the profile is public .


If your problem is that your own profile appears as User not found, you have probably applied an involuntary block. Check the accounts you have blocked in the Privacy and security section of the Instagram settings. Click on Blocked accounts to see the complete list. Remove the users you want to lift the block from there.


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