What does it mean in WhatsApp: This chat is a company account

Find out what it means on WhatsApp: this chat is a business account and everything that involves having WhatsApp Business.

Many businesses already have a phone number as their main contact form and when we wrote to them we asked ourselves what it means in WhatsApp : this chat is a company account . This type of message appears in those numbers that belong to the owner of a company and has configured a specific account in the instant messaging application, so it has different characteristics from the personal ones that we use with our friends and acquaintances.

The differences are not really as many as it might seem, so it can be considered that a company account in WhatsApp is rather an extension of the application that incorporates some tools aimed at serving our customers and facilitating the sales of our business. The familiarity of the vast majority of users with the message platform owned by Facebook makes it much easier to communicate in this way than through a different one, such as a web page for the use of the company.

Upon receiving that message, as a customer you already know that you are not dealing with the personal mobile of the business owner in question, but with a corporate account.


There is a great reason why an owner decides to create a company account on WhatsApp: benefits , and not just financial. With an account of this type, an image of closer proximity to the customer is achieved and it is quite easy to carry out any management.

When creating a company account for your business you can create a profile of it, detailing relevant information such as the opening time, the address of your website and other relevant aspects that you consider useful, such as the address.

In the same way, the business owner can categorize the different users who write to that WhatsApp account and their conversations, depending on whether they are about orders, questions and complaints, etc.

With the WhatsApp company account, you can also configure automatic or quick responses to avoid wasting time writing messages and even send massive messages to up to 256 clients, which facilitates your communication with them . Finally, you can also enter a catalog of the services or products you offer, among many other extra functions that you can use to get the most out of your business.


It can also be the case that someone ceases their business and wants to keep that number personal, so it is interesting to know how to go from a business account to a standard one on WhatsApp .

To do this, you will have to uninstall the WhatsApp Business application , making sure before having a backup of the account data. Next, you download the normal WhatsApp application and follow the initial setup steps. When it asks for the phone number, you will have to add the one you used for your business . At that moment, WhatsApp will notify you that it was linked to a Business account, and will ask for your permission to make the change to a personal one.

By accepting, you will receive the usual code to verify that it is you who is installing the application and your account will have become standard again . You can also recover all the conversations that you saved before uninstalling WhatsApp Business, but you will no longer be able to use all the extra tools that were available to you in the other application. Users will also stop seeing on their screens that this is a business account when they start a conversation with you.

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