What does failed delivery mean on AliExpress

If there is a famous one in online commerce that AliExpress. If you have just started to purchase products in it and you see the message “delivery failed” we will explain what it means in AliExpress delivery failed.

Belonging to the Alibaba group, AliExpress has seen the number of users of its platform grow. In 2020 the company increased its revenue by 60 %. The increase in online purchases due to the pandemic and the low prices of its products made users trust its business model.

The AliExpress interface is quite simple and intuitive. The private space of each user is a section where you can see the purchases and the status of the orders that are made within the app.

One of these sections is the one referred to the follow-up of the orders sent. If you are one of those who have started to buy on the platform and one day you find a message of “failed delivery” in the tracking of the order, do not panic . We tell you what failed delivery means in AliExpress so you can see what you should do next.

The message “delivery failed” means that it was impossible to deliver the package to your address. Although it seems that it can be scary, this is something quite common in the reception of orders because we are not always at the place of collection of the product.


You already know what failed delivery means in AliExpress, but your situation may be this much more specific: failed delivery in Correos by AliExpress, how to solve it? We will explain it to you below.

If the failed delivery of your AliExpress order comes from Correos, the Spanish company can solve it by going as soon as possible to the office of the entity that corresponds to you. Normally, Correos will leave a notice in the mailbox informing you that it has not been able to deliver the package . This notice informs about the Office where it is, its hours and also the time it will be stored before proceeding with its return.


If instead “delivery failed” what appears is the message: inability to deliver AliExpress package in Spain, what does it mean? We explain it to you below.

This occurs when the courier has tried to deliver the package with your AliExpress order, but no one was at home . The best thing is that you find out about the shipping company that AliExpress has assigned for delivery by looking in your user area of ​​the AliExpress app and then contact them to make an appointment or change the place of delivery.


Parcel deliveries are common, but how many delivery attempts does AliExpress make? E n the next section we explain the number of attempts and how to proceed.

AliExpress assigns a shipping company to deliver your order. If the first delivery has been unsuccessful or impossible because no one was at the address , shipping companies usually make another attempt to deliver the merchandise. It would then be two attempts to deliver the order.

If on the second attempt it is also not possible to deliver it, then most likely the order delivery company will leave a notice in the mailbox or contact you by phone to complete the delivery of the order . Keep in mind that if during the next fifteen days you do not pick up the order, it will be returned to AliExpress.

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