What does ‘connect without video’ mean in Zoom in a meeting?

Meetings or video conferences in Zoom online, facilitate communication when we are very far away, either from our family or our workplace and even more so in this time of pandemic when we receive distance classes, through this platform we can organize large meetings.

There is the possibility that during this meeting, you want to make some changes or configurations for some reason and that is that when entering these meetings in zoom we have the option to choose if we connect with or without video , making some adjustments to the camera.

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  1. If I go online without video in a Zoom meeting, can I affect other people?
  2. When I turn off the Zoom video does the microphone also turn off?
  3. How to mute or unmute someone else’s camera in Zoom?
    1. Being an administrator
    2. The other participants in the room

If I go online without video in a Zoom meeting, can I affect other people?

Meetings and webinars take place on the Zoom platform, both are excellent ways to connect and interact with large audiences and in meetings participants are allowed to use video and audio to interact directly However, in webinars there is greater control over the participants and instead of interacting through video, they do so with the host and chat among the other participants .

Therefore, if you connect without video in a meeting, that will not affect other people in any way because you can participate in that meeting using chat to communicate without using video or using only the webinar platform. The only detail would be that the other participants will not be able to see you or observe where you are or where you are around.

When I turn off the Zoom video does the microphone also turn off?

If you deactivate the video it is logical that you will not find yourself sharing your screen, but if the audio through the microphone, for this you will have at your disposal the controls for both the audio and the video, both separately and therefore you can deactivate or activate also the sound from the microphone, so if you deactivate the video in a zoomed meeting it will not deactivate the microphone , if you follow the instructions on both controls.

There is also the zoom audio that is different from the microphone since it will allow you to hear what others speak in that meeting or conference, which you can activate and configure from any device. If you have many problems with it, do not worry, you can solve it simply and easily.

How to mute or unmute someone else’s camera in Zoom?

This measure can be used when another user or participant is interrupting or taking an inappropriate action with the image that is being transmitted. To mute or deactivate someone else’s camera in Zoom as an administrator or for other participants, you must follow these steps:

Being an administrator

The administrator can deactivate the camera of another person,  since the administrator has many advantages over the other participants in terms of settings in order to avoid any inconvenience that comes from another user that will affect the meeting or presentation through this platform .

All these actions can be done by the administrator from the controls that appear at the bottom of the screen, for this use the camera icon, in the video controls, bag in ^ together with “start / stop video, if there are several cameras on your computer select the one you use are and access all the video controls and choose virtual background.

The other participants in the room

To deactivate the camera to the other participants, you must follow the procedure that will be explained below to do it successfully.

Check who is currently in the meeting and access the camera icon by pressing to deactivate it, see video controls and click on the arrow next to start video / stop video, change the cameras and select a virtual background or enter configuration settings. video.

To prevent participants from sharing their screen, from the upward arrow door host controls next to screen sharing and in the advanced sharing options, go to Who can share? choose ‘host only’ then close the window.

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