What documents do you need to rent a long-term car

What documents do you need to rent a long-term
car Long-term car rental is a solution used by many drivers that has a long list of benefits. Let’s see what are the necessary documents to rent a long-term car .

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Advantages of a long-term rental

In recent years more and more motorists have decided to rely on long-term rental instead of opting for the purchase of the car. In fact, unlike the purchase, the rental has a long series of advantages that make car management much easier and more comfortable for the motorist. The basic idea is that in fact, by paying the right commission to the tenant company, it will take care of all the bureaucratic procedures, the management of payments and the documentation necessary for the management of the car, making it a good alternative to purchase or leasing.

If we want to go into detail, the main advantages are above all of an economic nature . In fact, the long-term rental only provides for the expense of a fixed monthly fee which is decided upon signing the contract. This monthly installment, which lasts until the end of the contract, includes all the expenses for the management, maintenance and various services of the vehicle.

Depending on the company chosen, you can also choose a contract that does not provide for any initial advance or financial investment of any kind, since the complete financing of the vehicle is usually included in the installment. In addition, the various agencies provide tax breaks of various kinds depending on the type of vehicle, the intended use or for the categories of professionals. Furthermore, companies, businesses and professionals can deduct fees and VAT.

From the management point of view, on the other hand, the long-term rental includes all the management services of a vehicle (insurance, possession, registration as well as customer assistance, customer assistance, etc.). By understanding the management services, companies will also take away the thought of managing the various administrative procedures of the vehicle, leaving you only the task of driving. In case of doubt, you can also always count on your reference agency.

Finally, the long-term rental gives you the possibility to choose which vehicle you want to drive. Based on the expected mileage, usage and other factors, they will help you choose the most suitable vehicle for you, while in other cases you can directly choose which vehicle you want by indicating the make and model, checking availability.

Documents required for long-term rental

Before starting the long-term rental you need to present some documentation. This on the one hand to certify your personal data, necessary for insurance and other bureaucratic practices, to the reference company, while on the other hand you will have to provide your financial data to certify your economic possibilities. The necessary documentation varies according to the type of customer you impersonate.

In short, a partnership must submit in its documentation the Unique Model of the company, accompanied by the Chamber of Commerce registration updated for a maximum of 5 months, or in place of the attribution of the VAT number. They must also submit the Privacy Form with the company’s stamp, date and signature of the representative. Finally, the representative must provide a legal identity document, accompanied by a photo and signature.

Joint-stock companies, cooperatives, consortia and foundations, on the other hand, must bring the latest complete balance sheet, accompanied by the receipt of the financial statements. Also in this case there is a need for the Chamber of Commerce registration updated to a maximum of five previous months. The representative must affix the date and his signature legibly to the Privacy Form together with the company stamp. In addition, the identity document of the legal representative of the company with signature and photo is also required.

Another much more common type of client is the freelance or sole proprietorship. To certify their financial situation, both parties must submit the Single Model, complete with a presentation receipt to verify its validity. The individual company must also submit the Privacy Form, which in order to be validated needs the date and signature of the representative to whom it refers (i.e. the freelancer) and the individual stamp. Furthermore, in order to confirm his identity, the person must give an identity card and accompany everything from the Updated Visura. If the professional or the sole proprietorship is not registered with the Chamber of Commerce, alternatively he can submit the attribution of the VAT number.

Finally, private individuals need to submit more substantial documentation. Starting from your CUD for insurance data and the Privacy Form only with signature and date and a valid identification document. In addition, you need the last two payslips and a copy of any invoice relating to electricity, water, gas or telephone. If the customer is a pensioner or director of a company, instead of the CUD and pay slips, he must submit the Single Model. Furthermore, most companies expect the private customer to have been hired regularly for at least 6 months, and must obviously leave their telephone number.

Why do you need all this documentation

At first glance, such a substantial documentation could leave you a bit perplexed and make you desist from renting a car for the long term, however it is a necessary step. Like any other loan or loan from the rental company, they need to know your data first to authorize you to drive that vehicle. Furthermore, the company must necessarily know your financial data in order to be able to evaluate your spending possibilities. In this way it will be able to come up with a solution of the monthly fee in order to ensure the best possible service to each customer, accompanied by services that are most suitable on the basis of different needs, which can be a certain possibility of expense, mileage, use. of the vehicle, a particular brand and various.


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