What do you need to install League of Legends and make it work faster?

League of Legends is available for computers with Windows and macOS operating systems, which, in addition to the operating system, must meet a series of requirements:

  • 3GHz CPU
  • 4 GB RAM.
  • Video card with a minimum of 512 MB.
  • About 5 GB on the hard drive. The occupied space will increase as updates are made.

Of the rest, what do you need? Enter the official League of Legends page , download and install and make the mouse and your keyboard your best allies to embark on the incredible adventure that this video game has in store for you.

What if I don’t have the requirements?

The requirements indicated above obey the characteristics recommended by the developers of the video game. However, both this and many other games can be played on your computer even if it does not meet all the requirements . However, we offer you the way to install the game on both your Windows PC and Mac .

For example, if your CPU is 2 GHz or if your RAM is 2 GB, there is a possibility that the game can run, yes, with some drawbacks … the most important (and surely annoying) has to do with the lag.

Optimize game performance

Now, for this type of case there are certain types of measures that will serve both for League of Legends and for any other video game installed on your computer and that presents some operating problems.

Video Settings

One of the main measures to take in case League of Legends is not quite fast on your computer, is to modify the default values ​​in the video settings .

  • While in the game, press the “Esc” key.
  • Go to the “Video” section.
  • In the resolution field, select the 1280 x 720 setting, the most recommended for low-resource computers.

More FPS in the game

One of the most outstanding aspects in terms of achieving greater fluidity in the game is concerned, has to do with the FPS or frames per second.

  • In the same video settings, you can limit the FPS rate to 60.
  • As boring as it sounds, turning off LoL sound on your computer could give you up to 15 FPS, ensuring greater fluidity.
  • Do not keep any other type of program open while you play.

If the problem persists, you most likely have a serious lag problem. But don’t worry, you can fix the lag problem easily .

Ready for the battle?

Who Said You Need A Gamer PC ? Get the most out of your computer and make your League of Legends game run faster than before. Beyond its low capacity, do your best to place yourself among the best in each League of Legends game


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