What do GM and GN mean on Snapchat?

The social network Snapchat does not escape from being a means of entertainment, and very importantly a social network, in charge of maintaining communication with users from all over the world, all this through photos and instant videos. Many idioms come from Snapchat, meanings like GM or GN are used as diminutives of longer or more complex sentences.

However, the greeting ‘Good Morning’, which in Spanish means good morning, is very common on Snapchat. The same thing happens with the greeting ‘Good Light’ which means good night, the latter works as a farewell at night, in general to go to sleep. That is the meaning of the diminutives ‘GM and GN’. Check out the community guidelines on Snapchat for what’s new.

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  1. Why do Snapchat users often use abbreviations to communicate?
    1. What is the true meaning of GM and GN on Snapchat?
    2. What are the other abbreviations you should know to use Snapchat?
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Why do Snapchat users often use abbreviations to communicate?

It is very common for social networks to use buzzwords, stickers, emoticons, and any other euphemism, which give a distinctive touch. This has been increasing since the use of Messenger chat, which was the forerunner of idioms and abbreviations such as ‘XO’ which means kisses and hugs.

The same happens with the abbreviation ‘HB’, it is used because it is more comfortable than writing ‘Happy Birthday’ and it is also fashionable to do so. All of this happens in English-speaking countries. It also occurs in countries with a Spanish language, in which abbreviations are used to simplify sentences, which translates into not having to write as much and, in this way, it is also at the forefront of fashion.

What is the true meaning of GM and GN on Snapchat?

The actual meaning of Snapchat abbreviations such as ‘GM’ or ‘GN’ are quite easy to identify. The first means good morning, and the second good night, something that is not complicated at all. It’s just a matter of common sense. If you see these types of abbreviations on a social network like Snapchat, you will immediately know what it means.

It does not matter that it is in the English language, since the mixture of languages ​​is fashionable, such is the case of ‘Spanglish’. Users whose language is Spanish should not be underestimated either, since they have extensive knowledge, since English is a universal language . Using abbreviations is impossible when error 910 appears on Snapchat , to use them you must fix it

What are the other abbreviations you should know to use Snapchat?

Other famous words or abbreviations are known worldwide by Snapchat users, such is the case of ‘DNW’ whose meaning is ‘Do Not Worry’, which in Spanish means don’t worry. The same happens with words like ‘HBD’ (happy birthday) and ‘BF’ (best friend), in Spanish best friend. If in addition to using abbreviations you want to give a different touch, you can use the dark mode in Snapchat .


A rare abbreviation, but overused in the ‘Gamer’ community. The meaning of the idiom ‘GG’ is simple, it means ‘Good Game’, in Spanish ‘good game’. This could not be indirectly related to a game, as it does not always have to do with them. In general, it is written as a congratulation, after a task that has been successfully completed.

There are also cases of live broadcasts on the aforementioned social network during an online game, in which the abbreviation ‘GG’ can be used. In addition, chats are established in which files are shared, and many users are unaware of the Snapchat photo and video storage site , so it is recommended to be attentive to where they are stored and the amount of space available.


This is something known closely for close relationships, such as friendships and courtships. The word Streak on Snapchat is a very long conversation between two people, in which certain elements must exist to be considered as such. The exchange of photos is one of them, these must be reciprocal and daily.

Cutting the sequence of the conversation is not an option, it must always have continuity. Streak in Spanish means ‘Racha’. It is quite common for people in dating relationships to have a Streak, or even quite close friends. The most important thing to be able to make a Streak is to meet the aforementioned requirements.

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