What Clubhouse is;How It Works

Everything on the social Clubhouse dedicated to the voice: there are no photos, texts and videos in this app that is all the rage!

Clubhouse is a voice-based social network that aims to encourage conversations between users through voice interaction. It’s sort of a hybrid between texting and voice chat and open podcasts. Read on to find out how Clubhouse works and how to download the app for free.

Evaluated over 100 million dollars, the Clubhouse app was launched in April 2020 by Paul Davison and Rohan Seth and developed by Alpha Exploration Co . It achieved notoriety during the lockdown period, thanks to the need on the part of people to seek means to communicate between friends, relatives … and, why not, even strangers.

  1. What is Clubhouse
  2. How Clubhouse Works
  3. How to register for Clubhouse
  4. Clubhouse App iOS and Android.

What is Clubhouse

On Clubhouse there are no videos, no photos and no text. There is only the Voice. The Clubhouse app is in fact dedicated to the most human aspect of technology: sound. But in this case, streaming music has nothing to do with it: people’s voices are the protagonist of this application destined to explode in 2021.

This year will be the year of podcasts and it is no coincidence that in the first months of 2021 an app that has voice as its protagonist is also becoming popular in Italy.

Clubhouse is an app that will appeal to anyone who loves voice messages.

How Clubhouse Works

First you need to download the app, currently only available for iOS. Admission among members (about 2 million are declared) is by invitation only . How do you get it? Only by knowing someone who is already subscribed to the app.

Clubhouse: how to receive an invitation

Clubhouse works on the basis of Rooms (rooms) divided by topics : using the app, the algorithm will then recommend the rooms that may be more suitable for us. Once inside a room, you can listen to the reflections / comments recorded by users and contribute with ours with prior approval by the moderators (if you want to speak, you will have to “raise your hand”, only with the right to speak, you can record your own audio).

The audio files cannot be shared or downloaded , this is for a matter of privacy protection.

Members can open rooms (of which they will be administrators), each room can have one of the following characteristics:

  • Open;
  • Social;
  • Closed.

The Open Room is open to everyone, the Social one only to members with whom we have a connection, the Closed one is accessible only to those who created it and have been invited.

How to register for Clubhouse

Clubhouse is only accessible to Apple users who have received an invitation from a member already subscribed to the app. The creators of the application have communicated that this is a situation destined to change but currently necessary in order to manage the load of new registered users in a few months (even a year, there are already over 2 million registered users), also thanks to the media echoes from personalities like Oprah Winfrey and Drake.


Those who have not received the invitation can still download the app on the App Store and put themselves on the waiting list. This list only makes sense if we have a contact registered in the app, because only he / she can “remove” us from the list. To understand this, it is essential to enter your phone number and enable access to the contact list (to understand if any of our contacts are already registered).

Clubhouse App iOS and Android.

The Clubhouse app is currently only available for iOS . Even iPhone owners, in order to use it, will have to receive an invitation as the application is currently by invitation only.


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