What Are100 Best Way To Learn English

Everything in life there are principles and method.If you follow these best way to learn English principles, you can be successful in your goal. Probably everyone thought about learning English. Many people consider that learning a foreign language alone is impossible, but that’s not true. In this article, we’ll show you how you can have fluency in English and give advice where to begin training, and explain what mistakes to avoid.

What Are100 Best Way To Learn English

Get ready for hard work:

If you really decided to learn English, you need to prepare for a difficult and hard work. Many people think that just training yourself in several hours in week is enough for desired result. This is not true. Learning any foreign language is impossible without the hard work, especially at the beginning of learning.  You need to devote yourself, to learn the new language. You must decide how you can spend time and effort on training and developing new skills. .

Consistency – above all

This golden principal is very essential for every goal in life. Please note that Language is a system that is clearly structured and logical, therefore, its study should be coherent and systematic. You must have regular learning habit if you want learn English. Engage in English regularly every day.

Practice, practice and practice:

Practice as much as possible for you the words you have learnt. Feel free to speak and write in English. Try to teach English as your loved ones. The best example can be taken from a child. He tries to speak, who listens and learns to read and write at the end. Feel free to speak and not afraid to make mistakes.

More Study

Nowadays Internet access is available to everyone. So you can easily read any book or newspaper on the Internet.  You will have no trouble finding meaning in the dictionary. If you will consult the dictionary regularly you will realize after some time many English words have multiple meanings, and connecting with other words.

Speak, speak, and speak

It is the rule of communication that you have other present member at same time. If you don’t have any friend. You can stand in front of the mirror and speak to yourself. Learning a new language is the opening of a new side of your personality. Why not try to start a new hobby or learn something new? Find a guitar and learned a few chords with the help of teachers from the English-language videos on You Tube. Try to learn a new kitchen items, and prepare several dishes using recipes from the New York Times. A lot of things you can try to forsake of learning.

What Everyone Must Know About Best way to Learn English


Crossword puzzle in English is a funny way to increase your vocabulary, and improve your pronunciation. Solving crosswords involves the selection of specific strategies that help the brain to think and visualize. You can think outside the box. You can find crossword puzzles in newspapers, books and websites where you can download the crossword puzzles or create your own. Crosswords can solve anywhere.


Read for pleasure. If you do not understand some written words while reading the story, try to guess the meaning of unknown words to you by the context in which they are placed. If you’ve already read some English book in translation, try to read it back to the original English version. Read as much as possible you can. So more and more you’ll love the English language and at the same time improve your language skills.

Practice spoken English:

Do not stop half-way in the study of the English language. Many people study English for many years, doing the exercises, but never learned to speak, apologizing that they did not talk to anyone. If you decide it is to learn English conversation practice – one of the most important aspects. Become a talker himself; try to think in English, to speak out loud. Read the book – you tell what she describe your day, friends and so on. This is a very effective method. There is also a large number of forums, clubs, where people who need it conversational practice.

How to start training?

The first step is to understand what level you own and where there are gaps. If you’ve never learned a foreign language, you should start with the basics. If you already had the experience of learning, it is important to realize that it is necessary to develop and improve. Usually, knowledge of English can be divided into certain levels, from beginner to advanced, and to understand what level you want, it is necessary to pass one of the tests, which are very much on the Internet.

Now on the Internet there are plenty of sites where you can read about the rules of English and complete the exercises. But using only the internet, you will be hard to understand the structure of education and make it clear and logical. It is better to choose a textbook; it is desirable to publication of Oxford or Cambridge universities and engages on the basis of it. It is in the methodical literature of the whole program is built sequentially.

 Never despair.

Do not stop half-way in the study of the English language. At the beginning of training can be difficult and it seemed that nothing happens. After all, the body resists the hard work. Go ahead, do not give up. Systematically, consistently explore new themes and designs you are sure will achieve your goal!

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