What are voice calls over VoLTE and how do they work?

We are pleasantly surprised by the amazing way technology is advancing in recent years. And the idea is that we prepare and adapt to the new ways that we will have for voice calls.

In this sense, we will show you an interesting and instructive article below that will teach you what are voice calls over VoLTE and how do they work?

The arrival of 4G technology to our mobile devices represents a change in the way we can connect. Since the speed with which it does it is higher than the previous 3G, but now there is a question that we will surely answer in the affirmative. And it is possible to make voice calls using LTE networks .

There are many changes that come from going from 3G to 4G technology, which go beyond the speed with which the devices are connected. And so that you have a clearer idea of ​​these concepts, it is important that you know how to configure the Movistar 3G and 4G mobile data APN on Android.

What are voice calls over VoLTE?

But we actually know that VoLTE is , this is nothing more than the use of 4G networks to send a data packet in a compressed way. So in this way the communication we make is based on the internet. You can imagine then, the great world that is to come and the way we will communicate from now on.

This means, for our understanding, considerable improvements in voice calls and below we will list the advantages:

  1. Very fast connections where the time to establish calls can be reduced considerably, where it is expected to be 20 times less.
  2. The sound quality is another aspect that will improve significantly. This has a lot to do with the codec change, since it will go from 8 kbps to 13 kbits.
  3. Make and receive calls over WiFi, this will be another innovation to use the network to call our loved ones.
  4. Another aspect that will generate a lot of satisfaction and is the fact of being able to tremendously reduce battery consumption.
  5. We can also send information of any kind through VoLTEconnections . Be it multimedia files, such as images and videos, to files in different formats.

How VoLTE voice calls work

So that we can make voice calls , they can use the LTE network that is naturally known as 4G technology. You must have a smartphone and your service provider must be able to transmit this data. This is why it is so common to be able to make video calls by WhatsApp or receive emails on our mobile.

More and more operators have adapted to the change and not only offer 3G service but also 4G . And it is already common that the new devices that are coming onto the market may have software that allows VoLTE or 4G communication. This new way of communication is making a true technological revolution.

Since the limitations that the previous way of transmitting data had, with VoLTE voice calls it no longer has it. But not everything is rosy, there is still much to do and one of them is that the service becomes general. So that there are more 4G antennas that allow to cover large areas of large cities and we can all enjoy their advantages.

Of course, being a technology that is just taking its first steps, it is possible that disconnections are made when you are having a conversation. Other limitations of VoLTE calls is that it can only be done between the same operators. And its use can only be carried out on devices that support 4G technology.

This is all we can tell you about this innovative form of communication and we have talked to you very briefly about its basic concepts. And through this article we were able to instruct you about what voice calls over VoLTE are and how they work.


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