What are the ways to earn more money with DIDI?

Knowing how Didi Fleet works and being a fleet member is very relevant, but if you ask yourself, what are the ways to earn more money with DIDI? We recommend reading this guide to know some tricks of Didi Conductor.

What is Didi Conductor?

Didi is a huge company of Chinese origin that offers various transportation services. Among these we find Didi Food and of course Didi Conductor, a transport service very similar to Uber, although the term Didi Conductor is mainly focused on the workers of the platform. For users, there is the Didi Pasajero application .

You must bear in mind that Didi Conductor is a full-fledged job, which requires dedication from the worker. Of course, there are certain freedoms when working with the platform, such as a more flexible schedule or freedom to work with your own vehicle.

In any case, there are certain things that all those who intend to work with the company must take into account. In fact, some aspects are very relevant to earn more money and make better use of Didi Conductor .

What you need to know to earn more money with DIDI

First of all, there are no miracle tricks with which to make more money with Didi. Even so, if you take into account certain basic aspects, you will surely have greater success when working at Didi Conductor.

Work in an organized way

While there are freedoms when working with platforms like Uber or Didi , the truth is that these apps have their own systems that reward efficiency. Indeed, working more constantly and in an organized way is a way to earn more money.

For this reason, it is highly recommended that you manage a specific work schedule , leaving laziness aside. Get up early and offer your services as much as you can throughout the day.

Take advantage of peak hours

Also in relation to work in an organized way, it is important that you analyze the peak hours or those with the largest number of clients . This may vary from location to location, but usually after lunch or at the end of the workday, many clients tend to appear, do not put these hours aside when working.

In turn, it is very important to be aware of the area in which you move, so it is recommended to link the navigation maps of Google Maps or Waze to DiDi . This can even help you strategize to move faster.

Take care of your score

Didi has a reputation or scoring system, this system seeks to maintain an appropriate quality standard, through which it seeks to offer a better service for all users of the platform. For this reason, it is very relevant that you see your user rating or stars in DIDI .

Certainly this scoring system is important , since the better positioned you are within the platform, the more job opportunities you will have. In fact, having low scores is almost a direct path to failure if you’re a Didi driver.

Clearly, your reputation is related to the possibility of making more money, because maintaining a quality index and offering it to your clients will make you better seen within the platform. In turn, you will get more races per day, which translates into higher daily earnings.

Recommend driver

Another interesting way with which you can earn more money on the Didi platform is by recommending other users. In certain places a reward is offered after recommending other workers. Even so, to receive this reward (which varies from nation to nation) it will be necessary for them to meet a certain number of successful transports.

For this reason, it only recommends people who are really willing to work and who can offer a quality service to Didi users.

Take advantage of guaranteed earnings

Didi has an interesting service, called guaranteed earnings with a system that, as its name suggests, will always ensure the earnings and you meet some requirements. In any case, to start taking advantage of this quality of the company you must know how the guaranteed earnings of Didi Conductor work , without a doubt it is something very useful in multiple circumstances.


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