What are the types of job application forms

When someone goes through a difficult economic situation, it is normal for those who are by their side to recommend them to look for a job where they can develop their skills. However, getting it is not always an easy task. Many of the jobs require an application with certain details to be filled out in order to apply for the job, so that the company can know where to locate them and also know what skills the person has.

But filling out these applications is not an easy task, and when it is due for the first time it is quite a challenge. But don’t worry, in this article you will find guidance through examples of how to fill out a job application and what types of applications exist.

What is the job application and what is its function?

To explain what a job application is, you must start from what a job itself is. The word employment refers to work, occupation or trade in which someone is hired to contribute their knowledge and receives a salary for the work performed.

That is why the job application can be understood as a format used by everyone in the workplace where information of a personal and professional nature is collected. Thus, the individual who wants to apply for a specific company has a support where all their personal information is specified.

These applications have the sole purpose of taking the first step to be able to successfully place a person in a company. In addition, this makes it easier for the person to be considered as a possible candidate for a position, either to find a job at Mercadona or El Cortes Ingles, etc.

One of the most outstanding characteristics of job applications is that they are organized by sections and tables . In each one, certain information is requested from the applicant so that the contractors see the details that they need to take into account to assess whether said person is suitable for the position.

The application is composed, among other things, by the position to be applied for, the applicant’s personal data plus their documentation, health status and personal habits, family data, schooling, any general comment on the expected job, what is their experience work, some personal reference among other general and economic data.

Keep in mind that this type of form differs from a curriculum vitae   since this document is more focused on the professional field since it collects information about the previous tasks that a person carried out, while the application collects only personal and professional data to carry out a first contact .

What are the types of job applications and how can they be filled out?

It is important that to follow our advice the form is already downloaded or printed to be able to follow each step fully. Also, it is good to find a quiet place to read the form carefully. Next, we are going to give you a brief tour of the different types of documents where you can place your data.

To fill it out in Excel format, you just have to download the template and complete it in the same program. in Word it can be filled directly by writing on the page and then printing it. Now, if you have a pdf form,  it must be printed first and then filled out by hand.

It should be noted that to fill out these forms you must have all your personal documentation at hand , you must always put real information, avoid inventing or assuming certain information, use a blue or black pen, never use a pencil if you fill it out by hand because it denotes informality.

You must also have good spelling when writing , without errors or studs, printed and legible, as well as using a folder to carry all documents as a protection measure. It should be filled in completely, not leaving any blank space, in case a box does not suit you, you should place “Not applicable” on the sheet to record.

It must be taken into account that many companies have their own application form , this information must be investigated in order to fill out the elements they require, since there are other types of job applications such as:


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