What are the telephones for the blind

Today, the use of cell phones has become a really necessary good at the time of communication, because by making calls or messages from it, it is possible to communicate much faster with our loved ones or acquaintances.

But what about blind people? These blind or visually impaired people, for years have found themselves very limited to the use of these devices, since it is almost completely impossible to maneuver them.

As good news, here in look how it is done we want to inform you that there are currently cell phones for blind people , so that in this way they can also be communicated at all times, just like all of us.

Are there cell phones intended for use by blind people?

Today there are different companies that have been given the task of bringing to light these devices, which are adapted to the needs of people with visual disabilities , but are not specifically intended for the blind, as it has not yet come to light none similar.

On the other hand, among the brands of companies that have risked taking cell phones of these characteristics we have Blind shell as an example .

What is Blind Shell?

These cell phones were designed following guidelines dictated by organizations for the blind and partially sighted “SONS”, to cover as much as possible the needs of these people.

These mobile devices are integrated with special buttons for these people , in addition to a voice recognition system, which will allow them to dial phone numbers, send messages and even write emails.

One of its most outstanding features is the SOS button that is integrated, since from it it will be possible to call a friend in case of emergency , since this number will be registered, exclusively for those cases.

Basic functions of Blind Shell

This cell phone has light characteristics, so you can make calls , send messages, know what day it is by the integrated calendar . It also has a radio that works through the use of the internet and audio players, as well as personalized ringtones to identify each user.

Other basic functions for which it stands out is speed dialing, which is a kind of shortcut or direct access to a contact and the use of being able to program several alarms that indicate a specific event.

Its advanced functions include the use of voice commands to be able to use text and email messages, reading labels of objects ideal when going to the supermarket, emergency button and color indicator.

It also has functions for weather forecasting by which you can know how the weather is before leaving your home and the company is committed to making constant updates to improve the functions and also the lives of these people.

How to buy from Blind Shell?

It is very simple, you just have to go to your browser of choice and type in the search bar « blind shell «. Then enter the first option that appears and once inside go to the ” e -shop ” section which is located in the upper right part of the orange screen.

Once you click on the button, you will be directed to the store , where you must select the device you want, the language and the color of your preference. All you have to do is enter the payment method and that’s it.

Are there other alternatives for blind people?

Yes, of course, there are a wide variety of applications that can be downloaded on mobile devices, whether they are Android or iOS operating systems . These apps are intended to make the day-to-day life of these people easier and more bearable.

Among them they have applications to locate us in our GPS , to be able to read our screen and messages, even applications destined to make video calls at the moment while you walk so that other sighted users can guide you without any problem.

Of course, the applications are infinite and with different specific reasons, so it is enough to search your store for applications of this type. It is expected that for the next few years there will be devices designed exclusively for people who make their use really comfortable.


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