What are the signs of a burnt graphics card?

Generally, the graphics card has a mushy smell and cannot run the computer. It is obviously burnt. If it is a newly purchased graphics card, the odor may be just a smell. This is normal. Of course, it is not ruled out to buy inferior quality. The graphics card, the newly bought graphics card is also burnt, which can be claimed by the seller.

What are the symptoms of a burnt graphics card?

  1. The computer monitor is completely black.
  2. The color of the display screen is abnormal and the screen is very fuzzy.
  3. Frequent crashes.
  4. The display is blurred, the handwriting is blurred, the screen is discolored, and the screen display is incomplete, etc.
  5. When I can enter the computer, it has been prompted that the graphics card driver is faulty, and then the screen is not displayed.

Why is the graphics card burned?

  1. Capacitor
  2. Generally, the burnout of the graphics card is the capacitor or the core.
  3. If the capacitor is broken, the maintenance is relatively cheap.
  4. One or two capacitors are burnt out, and the replacement is only about 50 yuan.
  5. Even if there are many burnt capacitors, it only needs 100-200 yuan.
  6. Core
  7. If the core is burned, it will be more troublesome.
  8. The core of a small area is burned out, and it will cost about 200 yuan to replace it.
  9. If more chips are burned, it may cost 500-1000 yuan.
  10. In addition, if you bring the motherboard when it burns out, you may also need to replace the motherboard.
  11. If you want to change the motherboard, the price will be expensive, and the maintenance of the graphics card will cost 2000-3000 yuan, or even more.


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