What are the shortcuts that Mac offers to forward the deletion?

There is no doubt that advances in technology have brought us great benefits, including the fact that man has designed electronic equipment at our fingertips makes it easier for us to carry out different types of work. For example, computers are multifunctional devices that allow different activities to be carried out, such as writing documents on word processors.

In that sense, Macs serve that same goal. However, something that characterizes them is that on your keyboard it is not always easy to place question marks, characters, etc. But, you don’t have to worry because MacOS keyboard shortcuts or combinations can help you in this regard. So pay close attention to this article and learn in a simple way how to forward deleted text on your computer using keyboard.

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  1. What are the shortcuts that Mac offers to forward the deletion?
    1. ‘Fn + Delete’ and ‘Control + D’
  2. What other similar shortcuts can be used on a Mac to delete text?
    1. ‘Ctrl + K’
    2. ‘Opt + Del’
  3. How to remove text to the right on other Apple devices?

What are the shortcuts that Mac offers to forward the deletion?

In a Windows PC we know all the functions that each of the keys that make up the keyboard performs, for example, when writing a document if we make a mistake in a word we use the Delete key and it performs the deletion from right to left in order to return to write the writing correctly.

But what if you don’t want to use that option, but instead want to resend the delete? Is this possible to do? Of course, and for this you can use combination keys , that is, just by using a shortcut it is possible to forward a deleted text on a Mac, then know the following combinations:

‘Fn + Delete’ and ‘Control + D’

Deletion on Mac can move in several directions, although we are usually used to deleting from right to left. However, on Mac the opposite happens, you can delete a text from left to right, it seems impossible but it is not. Actually, it is not complicated at all to do it, just by pressing the Fn + Delete keys .

Another way to delete some text is by using the Control + D keys in case your keyboard does not have the Delete key as it happens in some Mac keyboards. Without a doubt, the functions of these keys are very useful to resend the deletion of a text.

On the other hand, despite the fact that the Mac computers developed by Apple are the most modern and efficient, they will always have some flaws and drawbacks, and as for the keyboards, they may also have some problems, for example, that it has been misconfigured. Therefore, in case some keys do not work as they should, do not hesitate to configure the keyboard of your PC or Mac.

What other similar shortcuts can be used on a Mac to delete text?

The good news is that the shortcuts on a Mac keyboard work in other applications that are third to it or that are within the same program, such as the Notes application or any other program that has a text editor, therefore, you can use the previous combinations to perform this action.

However, there are other shortcuts that you can use on a Mac to delete text, it is possible that you did not know them before, but that is the objective of this tutorial, to teach you different methods in order to achieve this objective. Next, we explain the combinations you can use:

‘Ctrl + K’

If you frequently use the different Microsoft office tools on your Mac, all the more so it is necessary that you know these other shortcuts similar to the previous one, although they do not necessarily serve to go backwards. That said, the Ctrl + K keys function is used to remove all text between the cursor and the end of a paragraph.

‘Opt + Del’

On the other hand, the Opt + Del (Delete) key combinations have the function of deleting an entire word from the left side. Interesting, right? If you did not know about these shortcuts, it is time for you to use them and learn each of their functions, this allows you to work more quickly and directly.

For example, did you know that you can close a window on Mac using the keyboard ? That’s right, this is one of the advantages of using keyboard shortcuts, knowing them will no longer be necessary to use the keyboard touch. You can even use these functions to put underscores or apostrophes in your Word document, the truth is that there are many functions that keyboard shortcuts fulfill. If you want to know more about them, read other articles on this topic on our website.


How to remove text to the right on other Apple devices?

As you have already seen, it is possible to forward the deletion of a text on Mac with different combination keys without using the mouse or the touch part of the keyboard. But, can you perform this same action on other devices developed by Apple?

If you have an iPad or iPhone device, you should know that this option is not available . There is still no shortcut or shortcut, however, that does not mean that you cannot do anything else, the truth is that you can do it in a different way. For example, to forward the deletion of a text in App phones you must use the capacitive touch sensor and at the same time move the cursor.

After this, hit the backspace key and you’re done. You can also select the text or word you want to delete. In this simple way you can delete a sentence or paragraph, even if your device does not have the keyboard shortcut as on a Mac.

On the other hand, if you want to know a little more about these shortcuts or your keyboard has some flaws, do not hesitate to contact Apple technical support , through the frequently asked questions of other users you can find answers to your doubts.

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