What are the requirements for Youtube monetization?

When it comes to video sharing and publishing, Youtube is definitely the first thing that comes to mind. In its multifunctionality, Youtube allows you not only to share video content with the rest of the world but also to monetize it. If your channel has seen steady and considerable growth in subscribers and views lately, you might be interested in earning extra money from your publications. In fact, there is the Youtube partner program, a service that allows certain users to earn by inserting advertising in their videos. Why only to certain users? And in concrete, how do you make money? Let’s find out how Youtube monetization works.

What are the requirements for Youtube monetization?

In order to start earning from your videos, Youtube establishes eligibility criteria, requirements to be met. First of all it is essential that the channel has at least 1000 subscribers and that in the last year it has collected at least 4000 hours of views. In this case it is possible to apply for membership in the partner program. The partnership can be requested even when the requirements are not yet met; in this case it will be activated automatically, once the eligibility criteria have been reached. When the minimum threshold of these requirements is reached, Youtube performs a channel check and approves monetization. It is important to know that the moment you return below these requirements, the partnership continues. In the event that the channel should be inactive for more than 6 months.

In order to start monetizing your videos, you need to have or create a Google AdSense account. It is essentially an advertising circuit that connects advertisers and companies that need advertising, as well as the managers of blogs or websites that want to monetize their content. Specifically, after creating your AdSense account, Google provides HTML codes to insert on your site. These codes automatically generate advertising banners to be placed in strategic parts of your site. Therefore the gain is based on the clicks on them and the views generated. Creating an AdSense account is quite simple and intuitive, just go to this page, keeping your IBAN on hand to receive the transfers.

Once you have created your Adsense account and have made a request for monetization from your channel, Youtube will have to review everything. Waiting times can usually be up to 30 days. If the result is positive, you will receive an activation confirmation email.

How does video income work?

All of us every day come across various advertisements that are an intro to the video we want to watch. It is necessary to know that behind that advertisement there is a company that pays Youtube to show it and a Youtuber who makes money. At the base of everything there are creative contents, without videos in fact there would be no such marketing mechanism. That’s why Youtube rewards the work of its creators.

In essence, Youtube shares with the Youtuber a part of the revenue deriving from advertising, more or less 50%. So for every euro you earn about 50 cents. In more technical terms we talk about CPM, or Cost per Thousand Impressions. By impressions we mean the views, so you don’t earn on the total of views but on the total of views in which there has been at least one advertisement. CPM is therefore the price that advertisers are willing to pay for every thousand views of the ad. It is a variable parameter, which changes according to the content that the creator proposes.

Earnings can be redeemed once a minimum threshold is reached which is currently $ 100. At that point, AdSense itself will send the money to the bank details indicated above.


Youtube therefore seems to be a good source of income, it all lies in knowing how to offer interesting and original content. It is important to follow your channel consistently, trying to build trust and curiosity in your users.

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