What are the policies and administrative procedures manual of a company?

If you are building your own business, this information will help you organize your business , since it will allow you to establish it on a good basis . And it is that, the policies and manuals of administrative procedures are fundamental to build a company, because their financial growth will depend on them. Therefore, in this article, we will be explaining what function a manual fulfills, the policies and procedures, as well as its benefits.

What is an administrative manual and its functions?

The administrative manual is one of the best instruments for the administration and performance of any company , providing stability in any sector of the same. By achieving stability, the company will be supporting itself on a solid and secure foundation, which will allow it to grow and develop effectively.

When establishing a manual of policies and procedures, one should begin with the process mapping , in order to establish:

  1. The functions of each department.
  2. The responsibilities of each sector of the company.

Administration policies What are they?

The main function of an administrative policy in a company is to facilitate bureaucratic administration and allow profits to be obtained. These policies achieve their mission, when through them, the organizational processes and activities are allowed to be carried out, achieving their objective.

So, for the administrative policy to be correctly planned and approved, people who have knowledge of the processes must be involved, for example:

  1. Collaborators.
  2. Directors.
  3. Users.
  4. Visitors
  5. Providers.
  6. Among others.

Policy objectives

  • Make unanimous decisions that are applicable to any aspect that is similar.
  • Provide accurate advice regarding the direction of similar activities.
  • Have a consistent way of serving people.
  • Have guidelines that make it easier to decide before a constant activity.
  • Keep in mind which are the decisions of the management , in each specific matter.
  • Have a stable business plan .
  • That all laws are applicable from 90% to 95%, and that in exceptions it is not carried out, but always authorized by a superior.

Administrative procedures and methods What are they?

The administrative procedures and methods are the group of aspects that work to convert the contributions into finished products and goods , based on:

  1. The materials.
  2. The methods and procedures.
  3. The workmanship.
  4. Machinery and equipment.
  5. Finally the environment.

The administrative method consists of providing a specific and consecutive guide , such as the steps that an employee must carry out in their work, although they may vary.

The administrative procedure becomes the specific guide that presents in a consecutive and organized way, how 2 or more employees carry out their work.

When a company uses written administrative procedures and methods correctly, it allows its workers to gain speed and precision . Now, if you are a new employee, you can gain experience and knowledge, and this will work for you in any area of ​​the company, which has a procedure.

Objectives of the procedures

  • Ways to enter a billing in the system .
  • Detail the procedures with which the new staff is not used to.
  • Make a detailed description of the procedures of each work area.
  • Train both new and old employees of the company, to do an excellent job.
  • Allow employees to have a complete view of the organization.
  • Help those in charge of operational areas, to know the procedures that must be carried out to carry out everything properly.
  • Explain specifically how each of the work areas are related , and why it is good for each job to be properly executed.

Benefits of the policies and procedures manual.

When a manual of administrative policies and procedures is correctly established for a company, it becomes stronger . Thanks to this, the company obtains more stability both externally and internally, allowing it to develop in a stable and efficient way, reaching:

  • Work with better cohesion, both externally and internally.
  • To achieve that the moral ethics of the company grow , because of having the regulations within reach.
  • This allows you to avoid some legal actions.
  • Users come to have an integrity and quality perspective.

We hope you can take advantage of this information, and in this blog you will also find topics on the importance of business financial analysis .

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