What are the pokémons available in Pokémon Unite

Pokémon Unite is the most anticipated MOBA-type game in recent months, the game is already available from July 21, 2021 for Nintendo Switch and people who want to play it on their iOS and Android mobile devices must wait at least until July 22, September that the servers will be opened for these users.

The game developers have promised to reward those who have made a pre-order through the application store of each platform (Play Store for Android and App Store for iOS) with giving the pokémon Pikachu as a gift if the pre-orders exceed the 2,500,000 accounts created.

Because they are cooperative, MOBA-type video games (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) require a very good strategy and an excellent selection of the team of characters that you are going to use to go to combat. In this case, a good combination of pokemons so that your game strategy integrates with that of the rest of your team and be able to obtain the most victories in the game .

In this tutorial we will tell you about the pokémons with which you should start the game, we will talk about the levels of each character and we will also name you which are the best pokémons according to their class.

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  1. What Pokémon does the game start with?
    1. Pikachu
    2. Charizard
  2. What are the levels, what are they and how many does Pokémon Unite have?
    1. Tier C
    2. Tier B
    3. Tier A
    4. Tier S
  3. Best Pokémon according to their category in the game
    1. The best All Rounders in the game
    2. These Attackers won’t leave you behind
    3. These Defenders are the best there is in Pokemon
    4. Without a doubt the best Speedsters of Pokémon Unite
    5. Supporter in Pokémon Unite
  4. The best Pokémon in the entire game and all classes
    1. Pikachu (Attacker)
    2. Snorlax (Defender)
    3. Talonflame (Sprinter)

What Pokémon does the game start with?

At the beginning of the game you will have 20 pokémon available to choose from, among them you can unlock Zeraora, one of the pokémon that will be exclusive for those who enter the game before August 31.

You can also get licenses to unlock new pokemons, as you level up your trainer or even by entering the Unite Battle Committee and buying them directly with the in-game currency that will be used within this new pokemon universe.


If you are one of the fans of the famous Pikachu, we tell you that you can get it when you start the game totally free , you just have to complete the pre-order before the start date of the game for iOS and Android devices and wait for the number of orders exceed 2,500,000 applications, which will not be difficult knowing the popularity of this game.

When the game is available, you will have to do the login mission before October 31, 2021 and you will receive this endearing pokémon that has always represented the essence of the pokémon world, so much so that it has even starred in the name of one of the remakes of the original game called Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu .


This creature will be one of the playable characters of Pokémon Unite, its attributes allow it to be an extremely strategic Pokémon, due to its attack, defense and support abilities , so you can adapt it by equipping it with items that can enhance all its power.

It is a relatively simple Pokémon to handle, so it is ideal for players who are new to this game or are beginners, but once you master it it can be one of the most fearsome Pokémon in the entire arena.

What are the levels, what are they and how many does Pokémon Unite have?

The levels within Pokémon Unite are called “Tier” and these can vary depending on the adjustments that the developers need to make to the characters of the game, as it is the case of having to nerf a pokémon that is deliberately more powerful than the others , giving his trainer an advantage over others who may have a better game strategy , but use a pokémon deliberately deficient in their abilities.

The levels are organized in 4 classifications, which we will talk about in detail later, this is not a list imposed by the game developers , rather it is based on the experience and opinion of expert pokémon players since its inception, so you should To be considered only as a guide, the results you obtain will depend on the skill and strategy of each player.

Tier C

In this category are the pokémon of less utility , you must know very well the attributes and abilities of each of them in case you have to choose one of these for your combats. We will tell you what they are and we will give you a brief description of what they can do.

  • Talonflame:This is a pokémon that scores points extremely fast, it is very useful to destroy the control points of your enemies. When you level up it is vital that you learn the Fly and Flame Charge attacks, which will help you damage enemies, increase movement speed and decrease enemy range.
  • Venusaur:According to the general advice of trainers, this is not a pokémon that has great mobility, however, it can do a lot of damage. Among the best attacks of this pokémon we have the Solar Bean, which is one of the most powerful attacks in the entire game , but its limitation to reach the enemy makes using this ability a very isolated event.
  • Mime:Playing him alone as your main pokémon is a real nightmare, since his best abilities are in his role as tank and support . Among his best attacks, he has Barrier , which prevents the enemy from fleeing and cancels the “Melee” damage from his enemies. It also has the ability ” Confusion ” which is a straight line attack that affects several enemies and takes them out of the way, also if one of its targets collides with a wall, it will be stunned for a few seconds.
  • Slowbro:This pokémon was designed to be a tank, it has a great defense and amount of life points, its best attacks are Telekinesis and Surf .

Tier B

The Tier B classification contains pokémon that have good skills and attributes, however, they are not strong enough to establish a strategy that guarantees us a victory if we only rely on them, it is necessary a good team to help them abilities of these creatures serve as support to other more powerful pokémon and serve as support. Among the most outstanding we can mention:

  • Charizard:This is an All-Rounder or multipurpose Pokémon , ideal to be the support of another Attacker Pokémon , It is an easy creature to master and its best attacks are Flamethrower and Flare Blitz.
  • Wigglytuff:The most important ability of this pokémon is to slow down the enemies to which it sends its Double Slap attack , which in addition to slowing down its enemy inflicts melee damage. Another of its powers is Sing , this power also slows down the enemy and after a few seconds, if the enemy is still within the area of ​​effect, it falls asleep for a few seconds.
  • Greninja:This pokémon has good attributes of strength, speed and attack speed, it is very useful to give a violent start to your strategy with its best Water Shuriken and Smokescreen attacks .
  • Cramorant: According to its attributes, it is a good attack pokémon, with great speed and is very useful to weaken the enemy’s control points. The best attacks of this pokémon are Air Slash and Surf .
  • Garchomp:This is an All-Rounder or balanced pokémon that can put up a good fight in 1 vs. 1, among his best attacks is Dig : This attack consists of going below the ground to get closer to the enemy and jump on him doing area damage. Combined with earthquake ( Earthquake ) the damage is much more potent, its other important attack is Earthquake  or earthquake, which causes an area damage on enemies that are within its range.
  • Lucario:One of the pokémon considered very strong, it has a good attack power, if you know how to combine its skills it can be a fearsome pokémon for others who have not faced it. Among his most important attacks are Close Combat , which deals a large amount of damage to his enemy at the same time that he knocks him down. You can also use Power-Up Punch , this attack reduces the damage you can take while you execute it, in addition to making your next basic attack do much more damage than normal.

Tier A

At this level we have the higher level pokémon , however, they are not the most powerful in the pokemon universe, it is of the utmost importance that you familiarize yourself with these creatures, since they are one of the most common to choose when you must do the missions within Pokémon Unite. Pay attention to the following list of abilities of each of these creatures.

  • Pikachu:one of the most famous pokémon in the entire pokemon universe, its most powerful ability is to quickly do a lot of Attacker-type damage . Pikachu is capable of dealing massive damage, but while doing so, his defense drops considerably. His best attacks are Electro Ball and Thunderbolt , of these two, the first is the most lethal.
  • Absol:This is a Speedster type pokémon, extremely fast to reach enemies that want to flee. Possesses lethal attacks at high levels like Psycho Cut and Night Slash .
  • Eldegoss:Being supportive is his main ability, since he has the ability of Pollen Puff which serves to heal the team’s allies and Cotton Guard , adds defense points and a small percentage of life recovery.
  • Gardevoir:This pokémon is perfect for both the top and bottom lane. This creature must make its attacks from a distance because it does not have a great defense . In any case, you can use your Teleport ability . Among his best attacks he has Psyshock and can keep enemies at bay thanks to his Moonblast power .
  • Snorlax:One of the most efficient defensive Pokémon in the entire game , it can also do enormous damage to its enemies.  Its great defense makes it an excellent tank for your fighting strategy. His best abilities are Heavy Slam , which deals area damage in addition to knocking out the closest enemies, and his other Block ability  generates a shield that knocks out all enemies.
  • Zeraora:This creature has enormous potential due to its balance between speed, score speed, and attack power . His most efficient attacks are Discharge which deals damage to all nearby enemies and reduces the movement speed of enemies. His other more powerful attack is Spark , this will make Zeraora jump to shorten his distance from the enemy at the same time that he inflicts a powerful attack.
  • Blissey:A pokémon created to give support thanks to its ability to heal altered states and improve the speed of attack and movement to the members of its allied team. Two of their powers are Heal Bell and Helping Hand , when combined they can improve the offensive ability of the team they belong to.

Tier S

In this classification are the best pokemon , due to the useful and versatile of their attributes. Surely, starting a battle with one of the pokémon of this classification will give you a great advantage over the opposing team , so it is very important that you learn the basic skills of each of them so that you know how to make the most of all their abilities. Next, the list of Tier S pokémon.

  • Machamp:It is the ideal pokémon for one against one, its best attacks are Close Combat and Submission . Avoid by all means that enemies surround you when using this creature, because defending itself is not its strong point.
  • Gengar:Agility and strength is what characterizes this pokemon, on the other hand, it does not have very good defense, but it will surely be very useful to carry out ambushes and cause enormous damage to your enemies. The best attacks he has are Hex and Sludge Bomb .
  • Cinderace:Among his best attacks are Pyro Ball , which can deal great damage to his opponent. On the other hand, the Feint power , which makes him invincible for a few seconds, just great. If combined with Pikachu on the same team, they would be practically unstoppable.
  • Alola Ninetales:When we talk about an offensive pokémon, there is no other like Ninetales, however, it also has good support skills. This creature’s most powerful attacks are Dazzing Glean , which deals damage to its enemies in the area of ​​effect and also paralyzes them. The other interesting power is Aurora Veil , this is a buff that covers all the pokémon of the allied team that increases movement speed, in addition to reducing the amount of damage suffered and empowering all the basic attacks of your companions.
  • Crustle:This pokémon is characterized by having a superior defense, it also has attacks such as X-Scissor that makes you run over enemies and knock them down, at the same time that they are stunned if they hit a wall. Another of its most effective powers is Shell Smash , which makes the defense and the special defense you have become an attack.

Best Pokémon according to their category in the game

We also want to present you a list of pokémon organized by their category within the game, these according to their attributes are better attackers, defenders or support. So pay close attention, because knowing this category will help you design the best strategy when assembling your teams for battles. Next, we leave you the list with the names of the pokémon according to their category and to which tier they belong so that you can locate them more easily.

The best All Rounders in the game

  • Lucario(Tier B)
  • Machamp(Tier S)
  • Garchomp(Tier B)

These Attackers won’t leave you behind

  • Pikachu(Tier A)
  • Gardevoir(Tier A)
  • Alola Ninetales(Tier S)
  • Cinderace(Tier S)

These Defenders are the best there is in Pokemon

  • Snorlax(Tier A)
  • Slowbro(Tier C)
  • Crustle(Tier S)

Without a doubt the best Speedsters of Pokémon Unite

  • Gengar(Tier S)
  • Zeraora(Tier A)
  • Absol(Tier A)

Supporter in Pokémon Unite

  • Blissey(Tier A)
  • Wigglytuff(Tier B)
  • Mime(Tier C)
  • Eldegoss(Tier A)

The best Pokémon in the entire game and all classes

Before ending this guide we want to share with you which are the best pokémon of each of its classes in this new game, so that you are fully prepared when its premiere for mobile devices arrives and you can get the most out of each of its attributes.

Pikachu (Attacker)

Honestly, we could not imagine a pokémon universe without pikachu , who has given so much personality to this fantastic world, but not only because of his charisma, but also has very powerful combat skills that make him one of the favorite creatures to face almost any opponent.

We know that Pikachu uses electricity as the main element to enhance its attacks, which by the way, are at a distance, we can also say that it is a fairly easy pokémon to master and has no evolutions in its design. Its detailed characteristics according to the official website of Pokémon Unite are:

  • Offensive:5 out of 5 stars.
  • Stamina:5 out of 5 stars.
  • Agility:5 out of 5 stars.
  • Annotation:2 out of 5 stars.
  • Support:5 out of 5 stars.

Among the most powerful skills or ” moveset ” of Pikachu we can mention the following, take into account that if you learn to combine their movements with the best Held Items you can achieve superior results.

  • Basic Attack:This attack automatically makes you do a charged attack after making three attacks that paralyzes your opponents for a few seconds
  • Thunderstorm (Incessant Storm):This is one of his most powerful attacks, it consists of launching very powerful rays of electricity at his rivals
  • Thunder:This ability sends out rays that deal damage to opponents within an area of ​​effect.
  • Volt Tackle (Electric Tackle):It charges with electricity and attacks forward pushing its rivals.
  • Thunderbolt (Lightning):His attack carries an explosion of electricity preventing his enemies from moving for a few seconds.

Other attacks that Pikachu has and that are very powerful if you combine them well , are Electro Ball (Volt Ball), Thunder Shock (Thunder Shock), Electroweb (Electrotele) and Static (Static Electricity).

Snorlax (Defender)

Snorlax is an endearing defender pokémon whose attacks are melee or short range, it is an easy creature to control and like Pikachu, it does not evolve either. However, the attributes that this pokémon has make it the best tank in its category, since it defends its companions like no other. We share a list with the detailed attributes on the official page of Pokémon Unite.

  • Offensive:5 out of 5 stars.
  • Stamina:5 out of 5 stars.
  • Agility:2 out of 5 stars.
  • Annotation:5 out of 5 stars.
  • Support:5 out of 5 stars.

We also want to tell you about Snorlax’s ” moveset “, study his abilities well and learn to combine them since this popular character will be one of the playable pokémon in the new edition of Pokémon Unite.

  • Basic attack:This pokémon also has a basic attack that consists of executing an additional charged blow after 3 attacks, dealing damage to all nearby enemies and reducing the movement speed of each of them for a short period of time.
  • Tackle (Tackle):It propels itself forward and with its huge belly it pushes the closest enemy pokémon. After using this attack, the next basic hit will be charged.
  • Gluttony (Gluttony):This power is used to increase the effect that the berries cause when you eat them.
  • Heavy Slam:Snorlax will jump to the ground, dealing damage to enemies in range.
  • Rest:This super ability causes Snorlax to fall asleep on the ground to regain his HP, but while that happens, it also blocks the movement of all Pokémon on the opposing team.
  • Fail:As he lashes and his HP decreases, his basic attack damage increases.
  • Block:Snorlax will open his arms and create a protective wall that will work as a shield so that enemies cannot pass, in addition to pushing opponents who collide with the wall.

Talonflame (Sprinter)

Talonflame is a pokémon that makes the opposing team have a really bad time because its abilities allow it to overcome obstacles and quickly maneuver the attacks that are sent against it. It is an extremely fast creature (Speedster) and its attacks are short-range, so it must get close enough to its enemy to have an effect on it. The difficulty to maneuver this character is quite low and has 3 evolutions (Fletchling at level 1, Fletchinder at level 5 and Talonflame when it reaches level 7). Its attributes are as follows:

  • Offense:5 out of 5 stars.
  • Stamina:5 out of 5 stars.
  • Agility:5 out of 5 stars.
  • Annotation:5 out of 5 stars.
  • Support:5 out of 5 stars.

Talonflame’s moveset and attacks are quite broad , we will mention the details of them, so that you can use them combined with your team and guarantee a victory within Pokémon Unite.

  • Basic Attack:As with the previous pokémon, for every 3 Talonflame attacks the next one will be charged and will deal greater damage to its enemies.
  • Gale Wings:When Talonflame accumulates enough HP, his movement speed increases.
  • Acrobatics (Acrobat):This creature will fly to the area you indicate and attack several times and then escape in another direction.
  • Peck (Peck):Talonflame will fly up to the targeted enemy and attack them three times in a row with its pickaxe.
  • Aerial Ace:This ability allows you to fly to the selected enemy pokémon and deal damage to it, plus the next basic attack it makes will be charged.
  • Flame Charge (Nitrocarga):It will make your pokémon fly in the direction you indicate, but this time engulfed in flames, while attacking all the enemies that are in its path. In addition, this ability increases the speed of movement in a short period of time.
  • Flame Sweep:This pokémon will do an aerial maneuver and then charge forward with force, damaging enemies during its trajectory.

So far our guide to the pokémon available for the next launch of Pokémon Unite for mobile devices, we hope that this information will be of great use to you when designing your game strategy.

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