Surely in recent times you are hearing a lot and very well about cashews and their health properties, right? Well, its protagonism is not for less, because cashews are one of the healthiest foods that exist.

Before we start talking about cashews as the new trendy healthy snack, we have to clarify that it is not a dried fruit, but a seed. The cashew as we know it is found inside a nut similar to the Señora whose resin is very toxic. In order to extract the cashew without touching it, heat is used to open the nut and detach the cashew. Curious, right?

Nutritional properties and benefits of cashews

Cholesterol enemy

Cashews are a great way to fight bad cholesterol. In fact, this is the most valued property of the cashew.

This is so because in its composition it has plant antioxidants that greatly promote cardiovascular health, protecting it and thus reducing the risk of heart disease.

Take care of our bones and muscles

Taking a handful of cashews a day also causes the bones and muscles to enjoy an excellent state. The reason for this property is that cashews have a high percentage of magnesium.

Allows you to rest and fall asleep

Scientific studies also confirm that frequent cashew consumption is related to a healthy way of finding calm and even making it easier to fall asleep.

As if that were not enough, the consumption of cashews is more than recommended for diabetics because it helps regulate the level of sugar in the blood; for pregnant women for its multivitamin power; for people who want to lose weight due to its satiating power or with hypothyroidism since cashews have a significant level of iodine in their composition.

Contraindications of consumption of cashews

But nothing is perfect and neither are cashews.

  • There are many people allergic to this seed and depending on the level of reaction we can be talking about an inflammation of the tongue and / or gums, hives or even respiratory problems. Therefore, if you have any symptoms, see a doctor urgently.
  • An abusive intake of cashews can cause weight gain because they have a high caloric value.
  • People who suffer from migraines or frequent headaches should not eat cashews as they contain amino acids that, in excess, can cause this type of discomfort.

And now that you know all the properties of cashews, surely you are already thinking about when to consume them, right? Well, you can eat them fried or toasted, as an aperitif; but you can also use them in savory recipes, including them in stews to give them that crunchy touch; you can make cashew milk or even use them as a healthy topping in this oatmeal, banana and cashew smoothie .


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