What are the names of the girls mentioned in the Quran


  • The names of the girls mentioned in the Quran
  • Distinctive girls’ names from the Holy Quran
  • Girls names taken from the Holy Quran
  • Names of light girls borrowed from the Holy Quran
  • Girls’ names are mentioned in Heaven

Choosing names is one of the most difficult tasks for parents as they want to choose a beautiful and distinctive name for their young daughter, and they always prefer that this name be appropriate for her at all her ages, and that it be within the names of religious girls and has an Islamic reference, a religious connotation, and the Holy Qur’an has many Among the verses that carry names that girls can be called by, some of them are very light on the tongue and easy to pronounce.

The names of the girls mentioned in the Quran

There are many girls ’names from the Qur’an that are mentioned in the Noble Qur’an that we can give to females. Among the most famous of these names are: [1]

  • Intercession: Itmeans supplication and invocation, to transcend sins, for the Prophet Muhammad – may God bless him and grant him peace – intercede for the believers on the Day of Resurrection, so that God would transcend their sins.
  • Judy:It is the name of the mountain on which our master Noah – peace be upon him – docked.
  • Affection: It means friendliness, compassion, intimacy and love between people.
  • Bayan: Itmeans the gazelle, which speeds and lightly and has a great deal of beauty.
  • Immortality:It is a long life. So and so is said to be immortal, meaning that he lived a lot. As for immortality in its true meaning, it is for God – the Almighty – only.
  • Wathaq:trust or proof, which is something that reveals the truth, confirms it, and confirms it.
  • Yakeen:The thing that a person trusts is called certainty, for certainty is every matter that the owner trusts of him.
  • Furqan: It means argument, proof, victory, or magic.
  • Fida:Redemption means the precious thing that a person offers, in order to protect what is more precious.
  • Mary:She is the girl who worships God – the Almighty – the right of worship, and always performs obedience.
  • Marwa:It is a white stone, which is mostly used to extract fire.
  • Sapphire: Itis one of the most valuable and valuable gemstones from which jewelry is made.

Distinctive girls’ names from the Holy Quran

  • Moon:It is a dark body that is found in the sky, appears at night, and has a wonderful shape in which it resembles an extra-beautiful person, and the name of the moon is mentioned in many verses of the Holy Qur’an, including:
  • Treasures:They are jewelry, money, or valuable things that are hidden in places far from sight. It has been mentioned in the Holy Qur’an in more than one place, such as verse No. 58 of Surah Al-Shuara, in which God Almighty says (and treasures and places of honor).
  • Faith: Belief is the opposite of disbelief, in the believer is the one who is monotheist, and the revelations of God – the Almighty – have been certified in the Holy Qur’an in many different places, such as the saying of God Almighty: (You did not know what the Scripture is, neither is faith, but we are made.)
  • Israa:The term al-Israa is used to travel and walk at night, and it is the name of one of the greatest surahs of the Holy Qur’an, Surat al-Isra.
  • Afnan: It iscalled the Ghusn, and it was mentioned in the Qur’an in verse 48 of Surat Al-Rahman, in which God Almighty says: “Two people are two subgenres”.
  • Names:It is one of the names that give a sense of greatness and a great position. It was mentioned in the Holy Qur’an in many different places, such as the Almighty’s saying:
  • Nostalgia:a longing or yearning, has been mentioned in the Quran in verse 24 of Surah Repentance, and in which God says Almighty (I have helped you God in many citizens and on nostalgia as you like it Kthertkm has not done away from you something and narrowed upon the earth as welcomed Then you were managed). (2)

Girls names taken from the Holy Quran

There are the names of girls did not appear in the Koran explicitly, but has been adapted from the word like it in the Koran , such as: [2]

  1. Ibtihal:It is reverence in prayer, supplication to God – the Almighty – and supplication to Him.
  2. Aline:She’s the pretty girl, who looks pretty.
  3. Joy : Itis of joy, pleasure, and joy.
  4. Arwa: Aname given to a female caribou, as it is called for a girl who bears a beautiful face.
  5. Amani:Every thing a person hopes to attain, or reach.
  6. A means:Every action that a person takes to reach a greater end is called a means.
  7. Alice:It means a noble girl of honorable standing.
  8. Zina:Everything that a woman puts in her hand or adorns her body with.
  9. Prostration:It is one of the pillars of prayer, which God Almighty has commanded us to do, and it gives the most pillar that gives peace of mind in prayer.
  10. Salsabella:It is pure, soft water.
  11. Peace:It is from surrendering to God – the Almighty – and feeling comfortable and peaceful in the soul, and peace against war.
  12. Shameil:It is the creation with which a person is created and is characterized by it.
  13. Khairat:She is a girl who has many good qualities.
  14. Pearl:It is a kind of pearl that is very expensive, estimated in the millions.
  15. Life:denotes life, it is the opposite of death, and includes many other qualities.
  16. Youmna:She is the blessed girl, or the happy girl.

Names of light girls borrowed from the Holy Quran

Many people prefer easy-to-pronounce names that contain a few letters, and among these names is what was mentioned in the Holy Quran, such as: [3]

  1. Raghad:It is living in luxury, and many bliss.
  2. Saja:It is part of housing, staying in one place, and permanently residing there.
  3. Duha: Itdenotes the sunrise and the early hours of the day.
  4. Azza:She is the daughter of the ghazala, or the fawn.
  5. Ahed:It is a name given to the charter, trust, and affection.
  6. Fajr:It is the light that occurs at the time of dawn, or immediately after it.
  7. Arm: thename of a lost city or tribe.
  8. Money:It is all the things that God gives – the Almighty to His servants, from the blessings.
  9. Malak:It is the name of the angels, and it is of tenderness, softness, and purity.
  10. Nour:denotes guidance and faith.
  11. Remembrance:It is from memory and remembrance, and the strength of the mind, and remembrance is the matter that remains stuck in a person’s memory and because it left a mark on himself.
  12. Mercy:It is the good that God – Almighty and Majestic – brings down to his faithful servants, covering it in this world, and forgiving their sins in the Hereafter.

Girls’ names are mentioned in Heaven

There are many names in the Noble Qur’an that refer to heaven, but it is not in its true sense, and these names can be given to girls whose fathers seek to name them after the names of Muslim girls who are companions , as they indicate the most wonderful things that every Muslim wants to reach, and the most beautiful These names: [3]

  • Sundus:It is the clothes that the people of Paradise wear, as it is not like the clothes of this world.
  • Kawthar:denotes giving and the many blessings from God – the Almighty – as it is called a river in Heaven.
  • Firdaws: Itis a large valley, full of greenery, and which contains a lot of trees, and it releases Al-Firdaws to the highest degree of Paradise.
  • Jannat:It is the singular of paradise, and it means a place full of trees and greenery, and it can be called a girl, whether it is plural or singular.


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