What are the most popular runes and what do you have to choose in League of Legends?

The League of Legends game is a highly acclaimed MOBA , but many gamers are currently wondering what are the most popular runes in LOL, and which ones would best benefit the way I play?

This game has undergone several changes over the years, and with its evident prestige, today, users can use a system of chips to improve their game, both individually and as a team.

What are the Most Popular Runes and What Do You Have to Choose in League of Legends? – Guide Runes LoL

What are runes?

This is a system that offers a number of benefits, which are adjusted to the type of character you choose, and are chosen precisely during this process. They also adapt to the gameplay of each character, they can even determine the role you will have in the team, generating better group support.

As you managed to read before, these runes offer an improvement in terms of the organization of your game, that is, a good configuration of them can mean victory, and that your companions also make a good selection, it is vital.

That said, there are five branches of these, among which are the most popular LOL runes, but in concrete terms, the following lines can be generally visualized: Witchcraft, Courage, Inspiration, Domination and Precision.

Although these can be adapted to the style of each champion, some can be much more useful for one mode than for another, but there are also others that generate a clear advantage in configuration, which you can read below.

What are the most popular runes in LOL?

Each branch preserves an ideal way (for users to consider) of rune selection, which generates the maximum advantage over other configurations, thanks to the combined effects of each of these.

Combination of Precision and Witchcraft

The precision branch is generally focused on the most effective attacks, ideal for characters with the DPS role, while witchcraft is better suited to magical champions.

Each of these fits well with a similar set of runes, as their role in the game is to kill opposing champions , or at the very least, do a lot of damage to enemy structures.

With this in mind, the most popular runes in LOL for these two branches are: Triumph, Clarity of Mind, Legend – Swiftness, Legend – Bloodline, Knockout, Nimbus Cloak, and The Storm Is Coming.

Combination of Courage and Inspiration

Value refers to that aspect focused on crowd control, as well as durability, while inspiration, according to game theory, focuses on manipulating the rules and creative tools.

Like the previous configuration, they have an ideal setting by choosing certain runes that can grant better benefits in each of these aspects, such as armor and magic resistance.

So the most popular runes for these two branches are: Protector, Fountain of Life, Lining of Bones, Overgrowth , on the other hand, there is also Cosmic Insight and Cookie Delivery.

Combination of Precision and Domination

Another good combination among the most popular LOL runes that you can find is based on the Precision branch which, as you already read, is based on accurate attacks and the Domination branch , focused on explosive damage.

Both can achieve a certain balance between abilities such as adaptive strength, physical armor and speed of attacks, ideal for support champions, who do not acquire a fixed role in the game.

Thus, the popular runes used in this aspect are: Conqueror, Triumph, Legend – Swiftness, Legend – Tenacity, Coup de Grace, Taste of Blood, and finally Voracious Hunter. By obtaining runes you can conquer the rewards of the game .

Another object that you will be interested in winning and obtaining in the game are the essences with which you can later buy champions. There are also Spells that can make you one of the best players like the suction spell.

Once you have conquered the use of runes and have improved your level of play, dare to enter the League of Legends qualifiers.


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