What are the meanings of Veraz’s ratings?

The importance of the ratings made by Veraz is based on the financial database carried out by the organization. Its objective is to identify those people who incur a debt or not.

In addition to Veraz, you have the Credit Bureau which is a private service that allows you to order and receive financial reports, the advantage of this service is that you can request it by mail, fax, telephone or presence.

What are the Meanings of the Ratings made by Veraz?

It is a support to deliver the credit status of a person through their DNI or any identity card. Many industries use this support to see whether or not it is profitable to finance a natural person or industry through bank loans.

However, most citizens are unaware of their true situation , so recognizing all its aspects is necessary, especially when you want a loan.

One of the advantages that Veraz offers you is that you can request and use a PIN code to identify individuals eligible to access credit.

What is the meaning of Veraz’s ratings?

One of the best ways to understand and improve your condition against Veraz is to know how to identify all of your qualifications. Currently, they are framed from 1 to 5, which denote the following:

Level 1: Normal Status

For people in this sector, it shows a credit history without the contraction of doubts , it could be said that it maintains a good economic condition. It is the best level that a client can receive, because he can meet a credit.

Level 2: Temporary risk status

For people of this status it means that the person, at some point, contracted a debt that they paid off but with delays in all their payments . For banks, it is still potential contributors to provide credit.

Level 3: Troubled Status

Already this population sector are individuals who have economic obstacles for the attention of solvencies and other commitments. Being at this level allows entities to have a significant loss of confidence .

Level 4: Insolvency risk status

Usually, clients at level 4 are those who will have problems paying loans , to the point of being a risk for the entity. This rating given by Veraz could be a trigger for not delivering a loan.

Level 5: Unrecoverable Status

This is the level that no one ever wants to reach in their life, as it belongs to those people who cannot pay their credits . They are also classified as economically vulnerable or low-income. From this evaluation, it is important to know if financial organizations deliver credit or loan certificates according to this value.

If you don’t know what level you are at, you have the option of consulting the Veraz report for free using your CUIT or CUIL number.

How can I contact Veraz?

Clearly, the support offers the facility of being able to contact Veraz for the status query or operational problems with Veraz. For this reason, the Organization provides these methods.

Via telephone

The most recommended and used is through telephone support through the local number 011-5352-4800. Your call will be totally free, so you have no limitations to know the ratings that Veraz makes.

Web way

Another way to know if you are in Veraz is through Veraz Online, where users also have the availability of accessing its digital database , where the user’s ID, date of birth and address will be requested.

Then, the Internet user will be referred to a simple profile with all the information.

Within this there is a list where the level and condition of the debts will appear, if any. In addition, it includes an alerts service where you can subscribe and send the information to a phone.

How can I get out of Veraz?

This is one of the frequently asked questions by users, especially when completing a loan or requesting a loan. There are only two options that offer the exit of Veraz in a short time, being the following:

Cancel a debt

This is the most recommended road to get out of Veraz, but not all taxpayers can do it. It is very important to know that the ” Debt Cancellation ” will keep a record for approximately two years to qualify. The solvency will be finalized, once the “PAID” notification appears in status , it is a command hosted in the main profile.

Late payments

According to the Law on Protection of Personal Data, they affirm that the debt can be solved in a time that cannot exceed 5 years. Otherwise, the person will remain on the list of debtors for a long time and they will get a bad rating than Veraz does.

One of the advantages that Veraz offers you is that you can request and use a PIN code to identify the individuals eligible to access the credit.


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