What are the main differences between 3G and 4G networks?

Today we are going to see what are the main differences between 3G and 4G networks . These networks allow us to connect to the internet no matter where you are thanks to our mobile devices. Although there is obviously an important difference between the two.

Whether you want to activate or deactivate mobile data to consume less . Even save mobile data with WhatsApp . It is important to be clear about the main differences between these networks, especially now that 5G connections are taking center stage.

Then we will do a summary review of these connections that at the time represented an impressive evolution in terms of speed and data handling on our mobile devices and opened the doors to the world of mobile internet.

Although, before these connections there was 2G . It cannot be said that navigating with this kind of connection was something comfortable, precisely. It was too slow and on many occasions a website could not even be loaded.

Nowadays that is in the past and the speeds that are handled now are really impressive. Will 5G be such a noticeable leap? For now, let’s carefully analyze the main differences between 3G and LTE networks .

What does 3G and 4G mean?

What we must bear in mind is that the G itself stands for ” Generation ” while in the case of 4G or LTE it refers to ” Long Term Evolution “. Therefore, 4G LTE would be short for 4th generation Long Term Evolution.

While the 3G network would become the third generation which became quite popular due to the enormous difference it made in terms of speed compared to the 2G connection. With 3G coverage, you could make video calls, surf the web without problems, etc. Something that with 2G connections could not or was extremely slow.

In the case of 4G LTE, the speed is considerably better than its predecessors . The transmission of high-speed data packets made the 4G connection widely extended.

As we discussed earlier, the 3G network was excellent for voice and data communication . Although you could make video calls, the quality of the same was not exactly the best. It was a significant jump in browsing speed compared to 2G technology.

4G was one step further or, rather, many more. The speed difference is incredible and in many cases a good 4G connection is even faster than a Wifi.

Main differences between 3G and 4G LTE

Depending on the country where you reside, sometimes we may not have 4G coverage. Luckily, the different companies are still working with 3G coverage and mobile devices adapt perfectly.

If you do not have 4G coverage, your device automatically switches to 3G (as long as you have it configured this way) so you never lose internet connection through mobile data.

However, you can notice a considerable change in speed depending on what you are doing. And we say depending on what you do since, to send WhatsApp or similar things, even a 2G connection is more than enough.

However, when we want to demand a little more from the connection trying to enter social networks, uploading videos, music, websites, etc. The connection needs more speed and at least you require a 3G network.

Currently 5G 2020 networks are expanding little by little . The speeds of such a network are promised to be considerably higher than 4G. Which, if true, we would be facing a fairly important jump in terms of mobile connections.


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