What are the functions of Google Play Services

All mobile phones have a series of applications , which in one way or another are considered the most basic.

The vast majority of them can be seen as implicit functions within a mobile device, we refer to applications such as SMS , Contacts and even here the services offered by the Google company would enter , such as gmail, Google Maps , and it has it PlayStore.

As well as these applications, there are also some others, which usually work without us being aware of them. This is known as background operation. Although they seem unimportant, the way they work and how they work are important to our system.

One of the most important pieces of all mobile phones is an application that works even when you don’t see it. This is what we mean by the Google Play Services application. This application takes care of many tasks at the same time.

It is always managing various actions within the PC and also ensures that various applications have optimal operation.

This is considered a fundamental application for any device, so our duty as a user is to always have it in optimal conditions. If you do not know how to perform the automatic update of this application, in this post we will give you all the details regarding this task.

What are the functions of Google Play Services and what are its most important tasks?

Google Play Services is known as an application, which is responsible for performing different tasks within your mobile device .

In even more general terms, this application offers its users all the functions that are owned by the Google company as part of the applications that will be installed and can be used freely by the user.

In order to access some options and applications, it is necessary to have Google Play Services installed and updated.

This application is usually found as a background service, since we never interact with it directly, likewise, this is a tool that does not usually display information directly.

For consumers , this application implies a large number of benefits, since it keeps us up to date with multiple functions and news, without the need to depend on OTA updates , which are usually sent by the manufacturer.

How to update Google Play Services

You can find the Google Play Services application without much problem, within the Google application store . However, an excellent update that has been made to it in recent times is the fact that it is itself that is updated periodically. In this way, I will not have to be aware that said update has arrived or not.

However, it is possible that within the same application the internal problem may arise that it is not updated in a normal way and that, failing that, it needs a manual update.

In order to carry out this update, you just have to enter the mobile application on your PC and after that, type in the search engine «Google Play Services» automatically, we will see that said application will appear as the first option of the results returned.

Once we see the application, we just have to access that option and once there, check if the “update” button appears verified, if it does, we just have to press it and it will start updating as normal. If, on the other hand, none of the options mentioned above appears, it means that it does not have any update within the system.

As you can see this is a process which does not take long. However, we recommend that you be careful with the automatic update of your applications and always keep the “update only with Wi-Fi” option active .


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