Surely you have heard many times about the fruits of the forest, but do you know which are the most important? In this article you will learn about the 3 most important and popular berries. Let’s see them:


What are the fruits of the forest




If the search for mushrooms can be for the inexperienced an activity full of doubts and risks, and therefore not too fun, the one referring to other fruits of the forest is a highly recommended hobby. Looking for strawberries, raspberries and blueberries, indeed, splendid walks are made through the woods; Furthermore, upon return, we will have the satisfaction of eating an exquisite dessert.


Strawberries are one of the most widespread fruits in the mountains. These are plants of a few centimeters whose leaves are divided into leaves arranged in a rosette shape. They are attractive, a beautiful bright green color, and have jagged edges.


From April to May they sprout white flowers, and from these, during the summer, the fruits originate, that is, the strawberries themselves. These fruits, as you well know, are red, very aromatic and endowed with a characteristic and delicious flavor.


Forest strawberries, which grow at altitudes no higher than 1,600 or 1,700 meters, are rather small; cultivated strawberries, which are the ones we buy in the market, are larger. The forest ones, however, are tastier and have more vitamins.


The strawberries are plucked one by one, very delicately, and placed in a rigid container (so that they are not squashed) and waterproof (so that the juice does not escape). Ideal is an aluminum or plastic jar, if possible with a lid.


They are prepared in various ways: with sugar, with lemon and sugar, with wine or cream; finally, the fruit salad is given perfume, flavor, vivacity and presence.




Raspberries are shrubs just over a meter high; They grow in very sunny terrain and are usually found grouped in brambles. Raspberry leaves are light gray on the underside, and pale green on the top.


The fruits are somewhat larger than strawberries and have a delicate light red color; its flavor is very pleasant.


Raspberries have a drawback: once ripe, they deteriorate quickly and are easily attacked by worms. It is therefore necessary to take them at the right time, gently pulling them off the plant and placing them in a rigid container, as in the case of strawberries. They are consumed fresh or, by making them cook, they can be used to make juices and ice creams.


Raspberries contain a lot of sugar and therefore energy; In addition, due to its high content of vitamin C, it strengthens the body and protects it from diseases.




There are two types of blueberries: black and red. The black cranberry is the more common of the two and grows at altitudes below 2,000 meters. It is a shrub no larger than 30 or 40 centimeters, with a thin, highly branched stem and small oval leaves with somewhat serrated edges.


The fruits are made up of small purple berries, no bigger than a pea; Its pulp is very juicy and has such an intense purplish red color that it leaves very visible spots on the fingers of those who take it with their hand.


Blueberries ripen in summer, the sooner the lower the altitude. They are normally torn off one at a time and placed in their corresponding rigid packaging.


Blueberries are rich in vitamin A; Since this vitamin favors the eyes, these fruits are consumed a lot by pilots who perform night flights. They are less spoilage than strawberries and raspberries and are eaten fresh, adding sugar or cream.


The cranberry is less abundant than the black cranberry; it is scattered throughout the mountains at altitudes between 1,500 and 2,000 meters. It is a shrub 10 to 30 centimeters high; It has evergreen leaves, shiny above and dull green below.


The berry is smaller than that of the black cranberry; it has a beautiful bright red color, it is hard and its flavor ranges from acidic to slightly bitter. It is not very good to consume in its natural state: it is used to prepare jams.

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