Fatigue, tiredness, pessimism, insomnia, tooth decay or gingivitis are some of the symptoms of having a low vitamin D level. However, uploading it is easier than we think: sunbathing and eating foods rich in vitamin D is the correct way for our body to assimilate as much vitamin D as possible.

With regard to the sun, fortunately, in Spain we enjoy many hours of natural light, so sunbathing should not be a problem, as long as it is done using high protection cream and avoiding doing it at times when the sun is highest. .

As for food, it is essential to know what types of foods provide a greater amount of vitamin D. Do you want to know what they are?

  • If we think of foods rich in vitamin D, surely more than one of them comes to mind the family of blue fish : mackerel, bonito, tuna, herring, red mullet … but if there is a blue fish linked to vitamin D that is, without a doubt, the sardine. Anchovies are also a food rich in vitamin D. Exactly 11.8 micrograms per 100 grams, according to the Spanish Food Composition Database. In addition to being healthy, anchovies are a tasty way to enrich a wide variety of dishes: you can use it as a topping on a pizza, on a toast with natural tomato or simply in a rich “banderilla” with olives and variants.
  • The second place in our ranking of foods rich in vitamin D is eggs . Its contribution is not as much as that of blue fish, but since it is such a versatile food, its consumption can be very common, especially the yolk, which is where most of its nutritional value resides.
  • The milk is also a food rich in vitamin D. However, in recent times there has been an increase in consumption of skim milk and light dairy, which implies a reduction in the nutritional value of these products.
  • In the field of meat, chicken and veal are the varieties that have the highest vitamin value, although this is far from the level of blue fish or dairy products. To preserve their nutritional qualities, nutritional experts advise that these meats be cooked simply and not overcooked.
  • And to close this list of foods rich in vitamin D we meet the representatives of plant origin. In this sense, the avocado is the most prominent. But it not only has an important contribution in vitamin D, but also C and E, even provitamin A. In addition to many minerals, such as potassium and calcium. With this nutritional presentation, it is normal that it is considered a superfood . The mushrooms , chanterelles and mushrooms are also highly recommended foods to avoid vitamin D deficiency

Why is this vitamin so important for our body?

Vitamin D is essential for the proper functioning of the body.

  1. One of its main functions is to help assimilate calcium, which, as you already know, is an essential mineral for bone care. Therefore, it is essential in all stages of life, especially in childhood and middle age. Since a deficiency of this vitamin can cause rickets in children and osteoporosis and other bone diseases in adults.
  2. Feeling tired, weak, or feeling sick frequently can be symptoms of low vitamin D. The reason for this is because of its important role in the proper functioning of the immune system. There are even studies that support that vitamin D has antitumor properties.

For the care of bones, in addition to vitamin D, it is important to play sports. In this sense, Pilates is a discipline that helps strengthen bones and gain elasticity, which is a direct benefit to our general well-being.


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