What are the favorite professions of centennials?

The  centennials have been seen as a special generation, as shown  fans to new technologies  and  social networks. Of course, these times are distinguished by not following traditions, and breaking paradigms in every area. This generation has an optimistic vision in order to want to generate a change in society, and in terms of their professions they have their favorites . But what are they?

We are in a digital age where, thanks to new technologies and media, it is easier to perform tasks, activities and even learn. Today the generation of this millennium seeks to make life easier, work less, enjoy more, earn more, do what they are really passionate about and seek awareness of the environment in which they live.


These are the 10 majors with the highest affinity for centennials:

  1. Forestry

It is a young career that promises to protect the environment , since the primary function is the preservation of ecosystems, cultivation, and the techniques that are applied to forest territories to obtain the mass and sustainable production of goods and services demanded by society, products can be wood, firewood, cork among others.

Unlike agriculture , it is based on taking advantage of forests as a natural source of resources. It is also in charge of caring for public and private forests.

This profession has 26.5% of professionals under 25 years of age. However, at the national level it is the profession that has a low number of employed persons (4,684 people, according to Enoe ). Without a doubt, one of the favorite professions of the centennials.

  1. Programming

The creative part and the idea of ​​working at your own pace are incentives to choose this career , in addition to guaranteeing a fairly stable future job, as long as you are updated.

It also allows you to use your creativity to be able to always innovate, it requires constant updating and learning.

If your thing is not to have a working relationship with an employer, you can work independently as a programmer . One advantage that is undoubtedly one of the best is that programming languages  are identical throughout the world, so if you study programming, this will be useful in any country.

  1. Blogger

Although there are those who do not see Blogging as a professional activity, it actually represents a source of income. He suggests journalism to be blogger is not professional, however, is not an impediment to labor or work autonomously networks bloggers .


If you wonder how to be a blogger , it turns out that there are several paths that almost objectively lead you to be one.

The first is Communication Sciences , or social communication as it is also known. It is a very complete career, due to the activities that you can later carry out, in activities related to journalism, photography, design and speech. The information management in this career allows you to develop both orally and in writing, so choosing for this degree in Communication is essential if you intend to be a Blogger.

The Journalism , basically follows the career of communication and for this there are also private institutions that journalism as a technical career, this career headed people who can make available the information society focus only.

The third career that can lead you to the profession of Blogger is: Letters . Since with a degree in letters you could practice in literature and communication, the formation of this career is merely literary knowledge. Ideal for learning to write and speak in a very adequate way.

  1. Business administrator

It is a training with great adaptability, since in this career, you can work in all areas of a company, for example: Human resources , accounting , operations , marketing , finance , treasury , budgeting, purchasing, business, among other areas. What allows you to be versatile and develop more . This profession is also one of the careers that young people choose the most.

If yours is leadership , with this career you can well exercise certain functions related to it. How to prepare for management, international management and strategy. One of the most important advantages is that you can exercise senior management functions in companies of all kinds, such as public policy, business consulting, human resources, hiring, training and development, among others.

  1. Graphic Design

Because this career requires constant updating due to the demands, graphic design as a career has recently had a greater impact on young people due to the use of new technologies.

With this career you can give all of your creativity , capturing your ideas and all the talent of your imagination . One of the most popular races among centennials.

The areas to work as a designer are varied, among those options can be magazines, brochures, web pages, billboards and business cards among others that you can do as a designer, you can also work ” freelance ” and do it independently, in this way way you control your time, your projects as well as the number of clients.

Working from anywhere is one of the most outstanding advantages of this type of profession, since you can do it from home, an office, whatever is ideal for working.

  1. Criminology

The main objective of this race is to find the cause of the crime, the explanation and the origin of such an event . This inquiry has become a profession that is currently in greater demand. There are even TV series dedicated to this career.

In conjunction with other sciences, such as forensics, medicine and law, as well as criminal law, psychology and anthropology among others.

Perhaps if one had to describe centennials in one sentence, it would be that they are more liberal , because they have known how to adapt by establishing their rules, there is no rush to get married and therefore they are looking for a profession that accommodates their needs and their way of seeing life , In addition, they look for work or promotion opportunities, benefits, vacation time, the time they will have free, that allows them to carry out other activities.


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