What are the differences between Xenon Flash and Led Flash on mobiles?

Everyday events are mostly documented by cell phones , which have advanced at such a rate that they are now super powerful cameras, capable of capturing multiple details within any scene and making you take photos like a pro .

The details regarding the way in which these tools capture the movements, colors and details of the scenes that are taken, correspond to a great advance within the technology industry, which has focused its efforts and machinery on offering its users a wide range of options and quality, and even allow you to restore old photos with artificial intelligence .

Usually when taking a photograph or video , the places in which we are, the light is scarce, so we can run the risk that our mobiles cannot take said image correctly.

However, thanks to the great advances in technology , it is possible that we do all this and much more, thanks to the flash that has been integrated in an excellent way to mobile phones.

The most recent technologies are based on LED lights, which have proven to have a great power with respect to the photography capacity that can be achieved. There are also xenon flash, which would be the latest technology best valued in terms of comparisons and analysis of different companies.

Why is one better than the other?

Various mobile companies have chosen to incorporate double LED technology into their mobiles, which is an option oriented largely towards video recording, since it allows users to capture higher quality videos, both for rear camera as for the front camera in certain devices for the activation of notifications .

However, this double LED technology corresponds to a hybrid solution between xenon and LED, which is generally more suitable for taking photos, but has greater power when recording videos, especially if they are exclusively for uploading. to a platform such as Youtube .

Likewise, a xenon flash corresponds to a series of benefits which guarantee that the images that have been taken with these elements have greater clarity and quality.

However, both elements have options and skills which need to be highlighted separately in order to better understand them:

  1. On the other hand, the xenon flash has the main characteristic of having a much brighter light, which allows you to illuminate the scene, for much longer.
  2. Likewise, the xenon flash has the need to require a bulky condenser, which is elementary for its operation, the same condenser as in the case of the LED flash , it is a thin element, which usually has 2 mm.
  3. It should be noted that the xenon tube is a very delicate tool, which in LED technology is an issue that symbolizes a threat
  4. On the other hand, the xenon flash generally requires a mechanical section in the shutter, which is essential for its operation.
  5. However, in order to achieve video capture under various circumstances where light is poor, the LED flash performs better.

The advantages that both can offer you

Led flash is recognized more than anything by the marketing that has been imposed on it, however, it should be noted that xenon has several advantages which are important to highlight:

  1. With the Xenon flash you can find better lighting, exactly 10 times better than what we would get with an LED flash.
  2. With this tool likewise, you can find a much faster lighting than other companies could offer us, so our images and the final result of it will be quite positive in general terms.


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