What are the differences between Windows 10 Home and Windows 10 Pro?

Microsoft’s operating systems most of the time have been characterized by having a great variety of versions with totally different prices and also with different variants and particularities in their characteristics, although many of these varieties are not so perceptible for the common user.

Therefore, we want to make you see the differences between Windows 10 Home and Windows 10 Pro and which of them could best adapt to your computer and thus not have problems when using it and being comfortable with it.


Windows 10 home features

It contains a start menu and some very dynamic icons for your visual delight. It also offers you Cortana , which is a kind of personal assistant to perform your basic tasks. You can put it in tablet mode if you want.

It has the following supports: support for voice, pen, functions, touch and gestures. Just as it offers you a browser included in the so-called Microsoft EDGE .

This processor is fast bootable and contains Windows Update. Now your maximum RAM is 128GB . This Windows 10 home can cost up to $ 150.

Windows 10 pro features

Like Windows 10 home, pro composes a start menu and dynamic and attractive icons for you, where you can customize the colors according to your tastes. It also offers you Cortana to perform any basic task you want to do on your computer.

You can access the following functions: support for voice, pen and functions. It offers you a particular browser that is Microsoft EDGE . You can use, like the 10 home, the tablet mode.

You have visual desktops, Windows UPDATE, and it’s quick start. Its maximum RAM memory is 2TB. This Windows pro can cost up to $ 300.  

Similarities of both operating systems

As you can see, actually all the basic and main functions of Windows 10 are present in the two versions that we just mentioned.

You can choose to use the basic assistant Cortana or the Microsoft Edge browser in both the Home version and the Pro version, as well as all the functions that we mentioned above.

These functions include its virtual desktop system , the start menu with those highly dynamic and diverse customizable icons or the effective tablet mode for the comedy of the performance of your tasks on the computer.


You can also use Continuum to link your phones with Windows 10 Phone and computers with Windows 10 Home or Pro to transfer all the information from the mobile to the computer.

Why is its price totally different?

The truth is that its great difference lies in the capacity of RAM it contains and can support the operating system.

The Home version of Windows 10 supports up to 128 GB , which could be more than enough for the use of home computers, which, in general, usually only handle between 12 to 32 GB at most. Instead, the Pro version can support up to 2TB of RAM.

We must also say that both Windows have a totally different administration and implementation, that is, Windows 10 pro has functions such as:

  • Remote Desktop
  • Group policy
  • A specific Windows store for businesses
  • Business Mode Internet Explorer
  • Windows update for business
  • Hyper-ve clients for virtual machines and shared PC configurations

We can say that the differences between both versions of Windows are almost minimal.

Why do we say this? Well, the biometric system that makes up Windows Hello is present in both versions, as well as the great possibility of encrypting our computer , the original Windows Defender “antivirus”.

Which of them is worth investing in?

Now, investing a little more or a little less in any of this does not guarantee so many changes or greater security, just a couple more functions for your computer to develop some professional tasks for your company.

However, if you are a common user you could opt for the most economical and affordable price for your pocket.

Finally, we recommend that, if you operate your computer and you are looking for a home user system, Windows 10 home is for you, but if you are a businessman and you are looking for something with more tools, download Windows 10 pro.


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