What are the differences between hydrogel and tempered glass for mobile phones?

Is tempered glass better than hydrogel? Which has more advantages? What differences do they have? Tempered glass or hydrogel? Which one has the best quality-price ratio?

Currently, the importance and value that we give to our cell phones or mobile devices, especially to their screens, is more due to how difficult it can be to remove scratches from them.

The life of our mobile devices does not depend solely on their technical functions , just as their parts and components are important. Thanks to protectors, today it is easier to protect each component of the cell phone.

The screen is one of the most expensive parts or components that a mobile device has, these can generally be split or scratched , making it impossible to use the cell phone. There are different types of anti-shock screen protectors , such as tempered glass or hydrogel.

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  1. What are the characteristics of tempered glass and hydrogel?
    1. Tempered glass
    2. Hydrogel
  2. What are the differences between hydrogel and tempered glass for mobile phones?
    1. Protection against bumps and scratches
    2. Installation process
    3. Hygiene and cleanliness
    4. Thickness
    5. Sale price
  3. Advantages and disadvantages of hydrogel in mobiles
  4. Benefits and drawbacks of tempered glass for mobiles
  5. Is tempered glass or hydrogel better?

What are the characteristics of tempered glass and hydrogel?

Tempered glass

Tempered glass has been one of the most widely used screen protectors in the world for many years. However, in current times it has stopped being so sold due to its proven characteristics.

  • It is made of glass
  • It cannot cover 100% of the mobile screen
  • Controls the temperature and does not accumulate heat or cold
  • High resistance and safety


When you ask yourself what is a hydrogel, the answer is simple; It is a plastic or silicone-based screen protector ; which has managed to be very useful and most purchased by many users.

Among its main characteristics it stands out that it manages to completely cover the screen of the device ; In addition to having a curved shape at its corners, it is flexible and easier to handle.

What are the differences between hydrogel and tempered glass for mobile phones?

There are certain aspects that manage to establish a clear difference between one type of protector and the other; We have prepared a list for you with the most outstanding characteristics and we will give you the differences between the two, so that you have information and can decide which one to buy according to your needs.

Protection against bumps and scratches

Both are usually very good at preventing bumps, falls and scratches on the screen of our mobile. However, the hydrogel makes it ideal since due to its silicone base it achieves greater flexibility and resistance to these dangers that are normally run.

It is also possible that the tempered glass will break or have cracks that later cause defects on the screen; This can happen because being made of glass, there is a greater risk of small glasses scratching the screen.

Installation process

To install the tempered glass is something very simple; cousin remove the old protector that your phone has, clean the screen with alcohol and a cloth or cotton or a damp towel. Then you must remove the tempered glass from the bag and adjust it and place it on the screen; the part that sticks must make contact with the mobile ; you are gluing carefully and stretching so that it is well attached.

Now, when it comes to installing the hydrogel, here the process is much more complex and it is recommended to go to a technician or a person specialized in placing them. Here you must be very precise to prevent air bubbles from forming and not fitting well.

Hygiene and cleanliness

You must be careful for both types of protectors, they can get dirty very often. In the case of tempered glass, you will notice that the grease or dirt is not detailed with the naked eye ; since it has a material that does not make it visible, although in the same way you must clean it from time to time.

On the other hand, if you have a hydrogel protector you will see that these are more susceptible to getting dirty and keeping dirt on the screen. In this case you should clean them more often with wet wipes or cloths with a little alcohol; This will help remove the garbage that accumulates in them.


Regarding the thickness of each one, we can tell you that the hydrogel is too thin , that it is not even noticeable that it has any protector on; but this does not detract from your protection. On the other hand, tempered glass is a little thicker because its material allows it.

Sale price

The prices of these screen protectors may vary according to the country you are in and the exact area you are in. But, in general, tempered glass manages to be the cheapest on the market; for a lot of production and high demand as well. For the latter, its price ranges from about 10 to 15 euros; while the hydrogel can cost around 20 euros and even a little more.

Advantages and disadvantages of hydrogel in mobiles

Now that you know the advantages and disadvantages of tempered glass, it is necessary to analyze those of the hydrogel. Hydrogel protectors are very little known because their implementation is quite new.

Thanks to the fact that the hydrogel is a polyethylene film, it adjusts extremely easily to any type of screen regardless of its edges. It can be applied to curved or straight screens.

One of the newest functions that hydrogel has as a screen protector is that it regenerates itself, so no matter how many scratches it may have , at the end of the day these are not noticeable.

Among the disadvantages of hydrogel is that it is easy to lift, which is due to how easy it can be adjusted. Therefore it is necessary to use this type of protector in conjunction with a lining.

There are numerous variables , cons and pros between both protectors. Choosing the best among them depends on the specifications of the mobile device, however the new trend of hydrogel is usually the most successful option thanks to its resistance to shocks.

Benefits and drawbacks of tempered glass for mobiles

The way to determine if tempered glass is better than hydrogel is to analyze each of its advantages and disadvantages. Some users prefer to use tempered glass as a protector while others opt for hydrogel.

The first advantage of deciding on a tempered glass protector is that it is much cheaper than hydrogel and can be easily found on any online shopping platform.

Installing a tempered glass is extremely simple, you just have to clean the surface of the mobile and adjust the protector to the screen. With this protector you can avoid bubbles.

However, one of the disadvantages of tempered glass is that it does not adapt to curved screens due to its rigidity, so it can leave a space on the screen uncovered. This in case of breaking because it is a glass can cause severe damage to the screen of the mobile device.

Is tempered glass or hydrogel better?

Tempered glass and hydrogel are excellent options when protecting the screen of a mobile device, however there is always the question, is tempered glass or hydrogel better? So today in miracomosehace we bring you the answer.

The tempered glass protector for years has been the favorite of users and the most common when it comes to screen protectors. Tempered glass is a glass sheet that can be from 8H to 12H , however installing or putting a tempered glass protector is extremely simple.

Hydrogel is not so well known among cell phone screen protectors, but it has multiple benefits and characteristics that place it among the best options for cell phone screen care. 

In case you do not know what the hydrogel consists of , this is a film that is made of materials such as polyethylene and high ductility, since it can be molded to any kind of cell phone, this in turn allows you to clean the screen of your cell phone with ethyl alcohol.


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