What are the Conditions of Islam?

The conditions of Islam, which form the basis of the religion of Islam, must be known by all Muslims. So, what are the 5 Conditions of Islam? What 5 Terms of Islam describe. Here, information about the conditions of Islam .

The conditions of Islam are the conditions that form the basis of Islam. We have prepared 5 conditions of Islam, which should be known to all Muslims.

We can list the conditions that have taken place in Islam and have to be known as follows:

5 Conditions of Islam;

  • Bringing Word-i Shahada,
  • To pray,
  • Fasting,
  • Give alms,
  • It is to go on pilgrimage.


What are the Conditions of Islam?

1) Bringing Word of Shahada

Word-i shahadet : It means ” abduhu and la-ilaha illallah and cohedu enne Muhammeden abduhü and his Messenger “. Everyone who says “I am Muslim” should have brought it and it has a very important place among the 5 conditions of Islam. It is as follows: “I witness that there is no god but Allah. And again, I witness that Muhammad is His slave and apostle . ”

2) Praying

The second of the 5 conditions of Islam is to pray. It is obligatory for every sane Muslim to pray during his adolescence. The first question asked after the faith in Doomsday will be prayer. Prayer is the pillar of religion. Our Prophet said: “As there are no headless people, there is no religion without prayer.” So prayer you will understand is the cornerstone of Islam.

3) Fasting

Three of the five conditions of Islam are fasting. One month of fasting held in Ramadan every year is fard. There is a great sin not to hold. When looked at, fasting is not hungry or thirsty; is to discipline the ego, lock the evil and understand the poor. If you are unable to keep your fast due to certain excuse situations, then you should definitely keep an accident. If you have an excuse to not keep an accident, you will have to feed a poor every day.

4) Giving Zakat

The fourth among the 5 conditions of Islam is to give zakat. It is the charity that poor people should give to the poor and poor. In the related news below; ” Zakat is given to who is and who is not given to the Zakat” You can reach us with detailed information about the charity.

5) Going to Hajj

The last condition, which is among the 5 conditions of Islam, is to go to Hajj. Hajj is not fard for every Muslim. If you do not have children, debts and circumstances that you have left behind, it is not fard for you. It means that Muslims are present in Mecca during a special time, namely during the sacrifice feast, and perform the necessary prayers.


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