What are the Best WhatsApp Triggers?

Today we are going to talk about the best WhatsApp triggers. There are some forms of various scraps for app users. This feature is not available in its native form. But it is possible to make use of it by installing other apps available in the Play Store or even WhatsApp Business – a version of the system aimed at contacting customers and presenting catalogs of products and services from enterprises.

In this way, see in the text below some WhatsApp trigger options. They are simple resources that can be adopted by managers with the purpose of leveraging the disclosure of their business.

Table of Contents

  • Important! Read before proceeding
  • 4 Apps to Send Messages as WhatsApp Triggers
    • Sender
    • Enjay: another great option
    • TruelineSolutions
    • WhatsUnsaved: good option to close the list

Important! Read before proceeding

The sending of mass messages has become a recurring theme since the 2018 presidential elections. There was a recent finding of the spread of fake news from the use of the tool by several candidacies. Thus, in 2019, the Electoral Justice approved a law that restricts mass firing for electoral purposes. This was during the political campaign period.

Furthermore, sending mass messages violating the terms and conditions proposed by the application is illegal. The system administrator herself, in a recent announcement, stated that the undue use of the automated content triggering feature is liable to punishment as established by current legislation.

4 Apps to Send Messages as WhatsApp Triggers

Check below four suggestions of applications that can be downloaded for the main mobile devices. They are available for Android and iOS in their respective virtual stores.

1. Sender

At Wasender , you first create an account on the platform’s official website. Thus, you can download WhatsApp ‘s mass shooting tool . The app’s focus is on making progress in publicizing your business. One of its main advantages is online support and secure gateways. In addition, it brings discounts and offers on top of the monthly subscription price.

The disadvantages lie in the price of R$ 30. In addition, the program does not have in its demo version some of the features that are available in its final version. Among the main features are:

  • Live chat for clarification of doubts;
  • Security systems for account protection;
  • Also, it has demo version;
  • Provides controls for customizing your messages.

2. Enjay: another great option

This type of software uses the API feature to send bulk messages without violating its terms and conditions. The system has a tutorial aimed at training new users. In addition, it has a constant service and the ease of handling the interface. Another important advantage is that the program is free.

But one of its disadvantages is that it only allows you to send text messages. Among its main features are:

  • The Google spreadsheet provides the possibility to import contacts for sending messages;
  • Possibility of customizing messages according to your needs;
  • It is compatible with Android and iOS devices;
  • Sending bulk messages at once.

3. TruelineSolutions

TruelineSolutions is a system created by an Indian company. Its purpose is to be a tool that supports all multimedia formats. Using the system, you can send any bulk message format quickly.

But there is no free version and to use its services you have to pay a fee of US$15 per month. Here are some of the main features of this application:

  • Multiple languages;
  • It is compatible with the latest WhatsApp API;
  • In addition, it has message customization;
  • This platform comprises of built-in features such as sleep control, speed and delays to customize your shipping operation.

4. WhatsUnsaved: good option to close the list

While not necessarily associated with WhatsApp, this app uses the API it serves to send bulk messages to any unsaved numbers in your contacts. It can be downloaded for free for Android and iOS from the Google store. See what its main features are:

  • Creating conversation links to help you connect with customers
  • In addition, possibility to save images;
  • Can extract numbers from text files;
  • Send mass messages to several simultaneous contacts.


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