What are the best websites to spend time on the Internet?

What do I do now that I have finished all my homework?” If you think this often, you have surely been bored more than once. For that reason, below we will solve this problem by showing you which are the best websites to spend time on the internet.

What are the best websites to spend time on the internet?

For many, the internet is like a huge, infinite hole, where we can dive when responsibilities are scarce and boredom invades us. And the thing is that the internet is the largest distraction specialist ever.

You just have to randomly enter any of its pages, supposedly for just a few minutes. After a few hours, we face the harsh and cruel reality, we have wasted hours of our time doing basically nothing.

But there is nothing wrong with distracting ourselves from the overwhelming world of work and studies for a while. For that reason, these are some of the best websites for you to waste your time.

  • SPORCLE: this website is extremely entertaining and, if you like, even instructive. It is a test page, where you will have to answer general knowledge questions without help. The different tests are ordered by topic and it even offers the option of creating your own tests.
  • HISPTER BABY NAME GENERATOR – This is a very basic web page. If one day you want to have children, on this page you can search for the name that you like the most or that fits your family tree.
  • FIND THE INVISBLE COW: this website offers the user a fairly simple game. Everything consists of the Internet user moving the mouse over the screen, all this in order to find an invisible cow. The player will know how close he is to the invisible cow because the closer he gets to it, the louder the animal will moo.
  • DO NOTHING FOR TWO MINUTES: The purpose of this page is to provide the user with two minutes of a relaxing sound of the waves. All this, of course, if the user can overcome the immense challenge of not moving the mouse and keyboard for a long 120 seconds.
  • BUCKETLISK.org: this web page offers the Internet user the possibility of drawing up a list of activities that they would like to do before dying.
  • FREE RICE : questions on different topics are asked on this website. For each well answered question, you can donate 10 grains of rice to the praiseworthy World Food Program project.
  • POINTER POINTER: this website, absurd as it may seem, is dedicated to tracking the user’s mouse pointer. When you place the pointer over a place on the screen, the web will find an image from the Internet of a person pointing to exactly that point.
  • WRITE A LETTER TO YOUR FUTURE SELF: this web page is very interesting, although like all the previous ones, it is quite unproductive. It is about writing an email to your future self, this in order to let you know a story, warning or reminder.

If none of these web pages are attractive enough to waste your time, there are many others that you can search and use from your preferred browser. Of course, when searching for these pages on the Internet, do it safely. Get advice first on how to configure the privacy and security of your PC when browsing the network of networks.

Is wasting time good for your health?

According to those versed in the field, wasting time from time to time produces more creative, healthy and happy people. So, don’t feel guilty about allowing yourself to do nothing. Confidently access the fun web pages that we have reviewed in this article.


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