What are the best weapons in GTA 5 and how to get them?

Getting the best weapons in GTA 5 has become the goal of many players, and it is very interesting to be able to find them and prove why they are considered this way.

But, for this, and as an essential element, you must know what exactly that superior weaponry is, as well as what is the best and most appropriate way to get hold of each of these.

Best weapons of GTA 5: Micro SMG

Throughout the different installments you can find this artifact, ranking as one of the best weapons of GTA 5. It is a submachine gun and has the great characteristic of being able to be improved.

With it, you can try to rob the bank in GTA 5 . It can even be your best ally when you go to enter the casino in GTA 5 to rob it.

In fact, you can optimize it throughout the different games, with which you can obtain a greater support or load inside. Thanks to this, it is considered to be the perfect weapon to avoid any trouble, such as using it while driving and sneaking.

As for how to get it, it is available from the “Ammu-Nation” armories They are scattered throughout the different cities of the game, and their cost is around $ 1,000. So you can start thinking about earning infinite money so that it is not difficult for you to buy this and more weapons.

Advanced rifle

Another of the best weapons in GTA 5 is the advanced rifle or rifle. It is exclusive to this installment and, as one of its peculiarities, it is the last weapon to be unlocked if you are in the game’s story mode.

It has 9 available upgrades , and is considered to be an ideal weapon for taking on strong enemies. It is also an item that you can easily find and buy in the Ammu-Nation located throughout the map.

The special carbine

With considerable improvements compared to the regular carbine, and notable differences compared to other fire instruments, this model is, in short, one of the best weapons of GTA 5 when it comes to assault rifles and is available in the Ammu-Nation .

It has a very high firepower , while its speed is very fast and it has two types of sight, first and third person, depending on the team where you play.

Adhesive bomb

Also known as C4, adhesive explosives or sticky bomb, it is a weapon of characteristics or thrown typology. With the particularity that then they adhere to any surface where they land, with the exception of humans.

In this sense, they are widely used when the objective is a car. In addition, they also have the peculiarity that they do not detonate right on impact or landing. In fact, they have to be detonated with a special remote control or by shooting them.

On the other hand, and in terms of obtaining them, they are available in two locations, the first is the well-known Ammu-Nation weapons store and, the second, is in the hands of the character Armando “Mando” Torres.

Piercing Gun

Also known as the AP pistol, with a “ high penetration automatic ”, it is one of the 5 pistols that you will find in GTA 5, with a fast operating speed and a medium quality firepower.

It is considered equal to or somewhat superior to the other firearms in its group, as only the standard model can equal the damage caused by the AP and only the combat presentation reaches its range.

In addition to this, it has a type of burst shooting and is great for those fights that take place at close or medium distance . It also has different improvements available in the game.

This versatile weapon can be found and bought in the regular local for them, that is, in almost any city that has an Ammu-Nation and its cost is $ 1,000, of course, as long as you will be able to unlock it by completing the mission “Company of the three”.


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