What are the best VOD video platforms?

The world evolves every day and the way we do things also changes over time. The same happens with television , at first you had to contact a company to provide you with the signal.

But this has been changing thanks to the Internet, today you can choose what you want to see and have it at your disposal at all times. Television companies have evolved to adapt to this new mode of broadcasting and have launched their own streaming platforms.

Do you want to see series, movies and all kinds of content but you don’t know where to get them? In this article we will show you the most popular VOD platforms .

What are VOD platforms?

Let’s talk a little about what a VOD platform is and what benefits it has compared to a traditional TV. They are an online television system where they offer the user the opportunity to choose what content they want to see.

This compared to television is a great advantage since you have greater freedom when watching content. This way of transmitting programs has made these platforms have achieved great success around the world.

What are the best VOD video platforms?

These types of platforms provide you with a large amount of very varied content, hence they are in great demand.

Among its main contents are series that manage to capture people’s attention and want to know what comes next.

It also offers you movies . Who wouldn’t want to be in the comfort of their home watching their favorite movies? Sure most of us would enjoy it very much.

But VOD platforms are not limited only to series and movies. We can enjoy documentaries, entertainment programs , thematic channels, sporting events and cartoons. Let’s see which are the best option when it comes to enjoying these services.


Netflix is one of the best VOD platforms on the Internet. Most of the people know it and it is widely used thanks to the fact that it offers a wide catalog of series and movies .

It has 3 different payment plans so that you can choose the one that best suits your comforts. We have the Basic, Standard and Premium and they are paid monthly, plus Netflix gives you the opportunity to use its App on different devices.

HBO Spain

It does not have as much variety as Netflix since its strength is more than all the series. This platform directs its content especially to young people and children. It is also a payment platform so you must pay a monthly fee, it also allows you to connect two devices simultaneously.

Another advantage that this platform gives you is that you can download its content. How can you do it? Here we leave you this article that explains it to you.

Amazon Prime Video

It is one of the most famous in the world since it has its own series and of course a great variety of films. Something very interesting is that it has a wide catalog of Bollywood movies and if you are a fan of them, you will surely like it a lot.

The price of your subscription is a little more expensive than those mentioned before, however it is worth it. It gives you the opportunity to download content to watch when you see fit and also supports various devices.

Youtube Movies

With Youtube Movies you can enjoy content uploaded from all over the world. It is also a very popular video streaming platform and also has a large content catalog.

Unlike the previous ones that contain payment platforms, Youtube Movies gives you the opportunity to buy or rent movies of any genre. It is one of the cheapest platforms and its content is in very good quality since its resolution is in HD .

Movistar +

Finally, we have Movistar + this excellent option provides you with a wide catalog of premiere films and series of this platform. The only problem is that you need to hire their TV service to be able to enjoy its content.

If you are looking for more content, this article can help you to learn about other VOD platforms and streaming services like HBO.


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