What are the best secure VPN extensions for Mozilla Firefox?

There are a huge amount of dangers when we access some web pages , this is a frequent problem to which we can be vulnerable at any time. Since we can never know exactly when a Hacker is spying on us.

That is why many measures against these inconveniences have been implemented, and among the most efficient and popular among users is the use of extensions with VPN . Thus hiding their true identity and being safe in case the situation becomes dangerous.

What is an extension in Mozilla?


An extension in Mozilla is a small tool in the browser , in order to facilitate or make it easier to access a specific activity. They usually appear on the interface below the browser’s search bar.

They even have a section in the settings area, where we can change the options on that extension. These have an installation similar to the applications of a cell phone, all we need is to access the browser site and download the one we want.

What is a VPN?

Among those extensions we can find a category which we only see those that work as VPN. A VPN (Virtual Private Network) or by its translation into Spanish, virtual private network , is a program that allows camouflaging the physical connection between the computer and the modem .

In other words, the VPN means that the computer does not show a direct connection to the local area, but uses and depends on the internet. When we activate the VPN we can even use networks from other countries,

What are VPNs for?

We can get many advantages from VPNs, among which we can mention access to blocked pages in a certain country , in the case of nations that are under a government system that censor some websites. This tool is both wonderful and dangerous for citizens.

Sometimes it even helps us to avoid advertising on some sites , since for some countries internet advertising is usually less frequent than in others. Therefore, if we investigate which country has the least and choose a server from that country in our VPN, we will enjoy this advantage.

Can VPN extensions be installed in browsers other than Mozilla?

Some inexperienced users tend to believe that the extensions can only be installed in the Mozilla browser, this is usually because they have always worked with it and therefore are unaware of the functionalities of another.

Therefore, it is possible to download VPN extensions in other browsers , but it is good to clarify that the Firefox VPN extensions have a very good point in their favor, and that is like the browser. These are developed under open code, that is, some of them can be used for free .

What are the best secure VPN extensions for Mozilla Firefox?

Among the best VPN extensions that can be recommended to users is Express VPN , which is well known for having one of the fastest and optimal connections to the servers offered by it. Another very good tool is Nord VPN .

We also have Cyberghost VPN , an application so efficient that it has managed to migrate to Android development. That is, we can download an App that works exactly the same as the extension in the Play Store. And finally, we have Windscribe VPN , whose reviews have not been negative.

It is very good to have this small list of applications to browse anonymously , since we will not really know when we will need to download any of them. And by the time that time comes, we’ll be ready.

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Finally, we hope that this article has helped you. However, we’d like to hear from you. Which of the VPNs listed above do you think is the best? Do you know of any other type of VPN extensions for Mozilla Firefox, which have not been mentioned in this article? Leave us your answers in the comments.


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